DryGolf Steering Wheel Cover with Scorecard Protector Enables Accurate Scorekeeping Even in Rain

It is estimated that there are almost 30 million active golfers in the U.S., with millions more in other countries like Japan and the United Kingdom where golf is almost a religion. For many golfers, this sport is an important opportunity to relax, share time with friends or family, and improve their aptitude, which is why many refuse to stop play due to rain. For these diehard players, one of the greatest challenges to rain play is keeping the scorecard dry and legible. A new company founded by veteran golfers, DryGolf, has developed an innovative steering wheel cover with a scorecard protector that is ideal for playing in the rain.

DryGolf has designed the DryGolf Cover with a patented flap that covers and protects the scorecard. Using a flap that is held in place with dual Velcro strips, the DryGolf steering cover allows ready access to the scorecard without unnecessary exposure to the elements. Made from high quality vinyl and materials, the DryGolf cover is easily adjusted to fit any size golf cart steering wheel. The DryGolf Cover is available in black and assorted colors, and can be custom embroidered with the name of the owner or organization, logo, or desired verbiage.

This ingenious product is sure to be popular among the golfing community, but DryGolf would like to ensure the success of their concept by introducing it at the 2016 PGA Golf Merchandise Show. To visit this trade show and prepare an initial batch for distribution, DryGolf has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to secure $15,000. In return for backing this campaign, you can receive valuable perks like coffee mugs, T-shirts, golf shirts, DryGolf Covers, or a visit to the 2016 PGA Golf Merchandise Show. For more information about the DryGolf Cover or to make a donation, please visit http://kck.st/1MvBdNu

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Company Name: DryGolf, Inc. Steering Wheel Cover / Score Card Protector
Contact Person: Harald Stone
Email: drygolfinc@gmail.com
Phone: 813-503-1183
Country: United States
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