Navy Veteran B.Taylor’s ”My Team” Single Shaking Up The Industry – ”Song Promotes a Positive Culture through Music”

B. Taylor continues to show his love and support for our country and his commitment to the men and women of the Military, through the release of his new single: “My Team”

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11/12/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — There is nothing more important than the team.  Whether you’re in the military, in school, playing sports or working your way through corporate America…no one can stand alone…it takes a team to grow….even as an individual. Navy veteran and Hip Hop recording artist “B” Taylor is taking another step forward in changing the culture between our military, our communities, classic Motown and hip hop music through the release of his new single “My Team,” which hits the streets December 4th thru 50/50 Global EDM Music Group/Baseware (SFX Company) with international publishing administration by BMG US.   Renegade Revolt, EAE Radio Group’s stations Miami’s Hot 94.4, Houston’s Hot 94.7, Hollywood’s Power 107.9, D.C.’s celebrity fashion designer Glen Gibson, and the DMV’s celebrity Dj Quick Silva of 92Q Jams understood the vision and have begun to promote B.Taylor’s music and historical story with more joining the movement every day.

The new single, which will be a part of the new album to be released in the near future, is a reminder that it takes the support of family and friends to help us get through our darkest days.   “I’ve said it before…music is a powerful voice,” said B.  “Music can touch the soul, and we are hoping that this new single will get people to stop and think about their lives,” he continued. The new single is an extension to B’s music platform, “1 Life – The Movement,” which he created to help raise awareness about social issues surrounding our youth, communities and our veterans….focusing heavily on concerns dealing with veteran suicides and homelessness. “The 1 Life: The Movement Album and music platform is about encouraging people to grasp life and live it to its fullest,” said B.  “That’s the same message we hope to deliver through “My Team,” he added.  “If we can get one veteran to turn his/her life around through my music, then we’ve done our job,” said B.  “People find all sorts of ways to give back to their communities, I find my strength in music,” he said.  “I have spent my life working to change attitudes about our veterans, our military, hip hop music, and slowly I feel we are making a difference,” he continued.   B said that with each new song, they are able to refine their message, and ultimately that will make a difference. 

“I grew up a preacher’s son and work hard to maintain those values instilled in me at a very young age,” said B.  “I use those same life lessons to guide me in my music career, which ultimately can be used to motivate change, especially when it comes to the care of our veterans,” B said.  Besides through his own efforts, B works with a couple of organizations – the Vets on Track Foundation (VoTF), a non-profit organization whose “Veteran Resource Summit” mission is to bring veterans and their families together with support organizations that can address particular needs…including suicide prevention and homelessness.  “B” is also committed to supporting ‘New York Undercover’ and Fox’s ‘Empire’ star Malik Yoba’s ‘Iconic 32′, a lifestyle company and innovation studio that drives cultural movement for social good via pop culture. These two programs are what B. Taylor’s 1 Life: The Movement initiative and album is all about. “I see myself as a Global Ambassador to our military,” said B.  “I want to use my music to reach out to the active duty, retired and former service members(families) and let them know that someone has their back,” he added.   “I will work with VoTF and their motorsports program as well as their Summits to deliver a message of hope through music.  My dad worked for Caterpillar for many years, a company well entrenched in the motorsports world,” said B. “I grew up around the race track, it’s a part of who I am, Caterpillar has supported my mission, and I know many of our veterans and their families are race fans as well – the only missing link here is the “Hip Hop” connection,” B continued.  “This is one of the bridges I want to build…I want to bring my style of Hip Hop to the race track, and introduce a new type of race fan to the motorsports and Nascar world,” he added.  “I’ve worked hard to create a new lane guided by the great Motown Legends within the hip hop and music world,” said B.  “My style of music is appealing to musical taste across the board,” he added.  

B learned early in his career to stay true to himself, something he credits to his service in the military and his strict upbringing.  “You can’t let outside influences derail your dreams,” said B.  “You have to stay focused and have a purpose,” he added.  B’s extensive list of accomplishments provide him the grounding he needs to appeal to multiple fan bases with varying tastes in music – across a vast number of genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Rock and Pop just as.  After the success of his first two singles, “Let’s Get This Party Started” featuring himself and multiplatinum artist, VH1 reality star Ray J, and “Fire In Your Eyes” featuring CBS ‘NCIS’ star Pauley Perrette, B. Taylor immediately began working on his hit album, “1 Life : The Movement” producing and collaborating with multiplatinum producer/songwriter Brian “Billion” Thomas(Whiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, J.LO) and a few other notables .  B said that this music is what his movement is all about…a movement that will help bridge gaps in many areas of society.  “With the release of “My Team” we are continuing to focus our efforts on the message of hope,” said B.  All these songs represent life,” said B.  “They represent hope, and I pray that our veterans needing inspiration will find it in these songs,” he added.

B. Taylor is creating a buzz not only in Hollywood, but across the country, and it’s not simply for his music…it’s about the music and what it represents…a change in culture…a change in thinking…a change that will affect lives…it’s about continuing to serve,” and for B, he serves communities, active duty military, and veterans through music!




Story compiled and written by Rick Ecker –The Pentagon

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