The SharpChef KS Offers Ceramic Knife Sharpening Capability

3-Stage Knife Sharpener Includes Diamond Electroplated Steel for Popular Ceramic Knives

HOUSTON, TX – 11/12/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Universal Smart Solutions, a maker of kitchen and DIY tools, announced today that its popular 3-Stage Knife Sharpener now offers users a distinctive feature for sharpening ceramic kitchen knives.  A specifically designed sharpening slot containing diamond electroplated steel is able to sharpen the ever popular ceramic knives. The SharpChef KS is intended for both professional and home chefs.

“Many discerning chefs have embraced the ceramic knife for its superior blade.  However there is still some confusion about how to keep these ultra-strong blades as sharp as possible,’” said Gus Hess, CEO of Universal Smart Solutions. “We’ve answered this need with the dedicated ceramic sharpening slot on the new SharpChef KS.”

Ceramic knives have grown in popularity since their debut in the 1980s.  Made of an advanced ceramic material known as Zirconium Oxide, most ceramic knives can hold their sharpness about 10 times as long as a comparable steel blade.  They are extremely tough, with diamond being the only material that is hard enough to sharpen it.  Ceramic knives are also quite inert, not transferring flavor from one food to another.

Whilst the SharpChef KS addresses the unique sharpening challenges faced by ceramic blades, the device’s Tungsten alloy and ceramic sharpening slots are ideal for most other steel knives.  As a result, the SharpChef KS offers an all round solution to the sharpening needs of a kitchen.

The SharpChef KS has been proven to create a razor-sharp edge in just five strokes.  It was also designed for safe use as a priority. The “hand-shake” style handle gives the user a strong grip on the three sharpening slots embedded within the device.  Rubberized feet further stabilize the SharpChef for user safety.  As you would expect, to withstand the business of a modern kitchen, the SharpChef KS is highly impact-resistant. 

Universal Smart Solutions has a limited supply of SharpChef’s on hand from the initial production run.  It is available for purchase at The sharpener comes with a no-risk two-year guarantee.

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