Becky Norwood Discusses Her Unique Business That Helps Authors to Develop Their Skills

Author and mentor Becky Norwood recently talked with Small Business Trendsetters about her business, Spotlight on Your Business, and how she helps clients to tell their stories by becoming published authors. Her training program, “Journey to Authorship,” is a sixteen-week-long interactive group session that helps clients to decide what to write about and how to do it.

In a recent interview with Small Business Trendsetters author and mentor Becky Norwood spoke about how one can become an author and effectively tell their story. Norwood is the owner of Spotlight on Your Business, a firm that helps would-be writers to develop their skills and provide various resources in order for them to become published and best-selling authors. Norwood also discussed her training program, Journey to Authorship, which helps clients learn what they want to write.

For Norwood, helping people learn to write their stories, and helping them get those stories published is her way of giving back to the world. Through writing, these clients can expand their reach and their message, and in the process, expand their business. She put it this way, “My ideal client is a business owner who wants to take their business way further than just working hard. They know there are things they can do to expand their reach and message, but they don’t know how to get there. They are, however, willing to learn and apply their knowledge into a work of heart.”

When speaking with Small Business Trendsetters, Norwood talked about the two foci of her business. First, she has developed a Learning and Resource Center where she promotes experts who teach various courses on different subjects such as podcasting, media coverage, hosting webinars and social media engagement. Second, Norwood has developed a business section called Done for You Services. This is perhaps more significant for those who just want to get it done, or those who are just trying to figure out what to do. If the Learning and Resource Center is a do-it-yourself tool, the Done for You Services section takes a hands-on approach and assembles a team of editors, copywriters, social media managers, bloggers and media resources to guide would-be authors through the process.

Norwood also stresses marketing and for her, that is the key element. As she said in the interview, “when someone decides to write a book, that is only the first step.” She encourages would-be authors to immediately start blogging, building a social media network, creating videos and learning all the ins and outs of marketing before they get to the publishing stage. What sets Norwood apart from others is not just that she stresses marketing, but that she has assembled the tools to help clients engage in and develop effective marketing methods. As she says, “Your book is your calling card, and as a business owner, it’s really important to use that calling card in the right way.”

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Becky Norwood is an author and mentor. She helps others to tell their stories of transformation, courage and success, and helps them showcase their expertise and knowledge through published works. As a best-selling author, Becky believes in the power of storytelling to transform lives and transform the world.

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