Genie Gateway Dispenses the Cure for Unbanked Merchants

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Las Vegas, Nevada – November 12, 2015 – Nevada based Genie Gateway (OTCBB: GGWY) announced that this week they are rolling out the first distribution of their new GenieCard, a totally secure debit card instrument designed to address the needs of tens of thousands of unbanked merchants and their customers.An extension of the company’s Genie CashBox and Check 22, the GenieCard will make it even easier for merchants and their customers to do business without using cash, even for those without access to traditional banking services.

Thomas E. Skala, Genie Gateway CEO said “Imagine a debit card, with complete privacy, convenience, and security, designed specifically for unbanked merchants and their customers; a debit card which doesn’t contain any of your personal information – not even your name –  just your ten digit card number.

“Every day we are robbed of a little more of the privacy that we all cherish so much. Most people do not like living in a ‘glass house’, and are fighting to preserve what precious little privacy they have left. Smart shoppers wisely prefer not to share their credit card, banking information – or even their home phone number – online or when making purchases by phone”.

The company will distribute the cards, which are not personalized in any way, free of charge to its merchants, who can dispense them to their own customers, also free of charge, for activation and use. Those customers will activate the cards by cell phone or on the Internet, and can then use the cards for phone, online, mobile-based or in-person transactions with any merchant or individual who uses the GenieGateway service.

“The GenieCard combines the best of TWO worlds,” explained Genie Gateway CTO Stuart Scamman, ”the Genie Club – our closed loop member service, which utilizes the Genie CashBox –  and Check22, the open loop service which lets members access their funds from any checking account, in any bank in the US.

“Given the high-tech methods used by hackers, which are advancing every day, the time to take steps to protecting your privacy is now! GenieCard is that next step,”

Randall Skala, COO of Genie Gateway, expanded.  “The GenieCard is the fastest and safest way to send payments online, via mobile devices, in store or by phone, making it both easy AND safe for unbanked merchants and their customers to do business, WITHOUT using cash and WITHOUT sharing financial information”.

Randall Skala then went into detail, “If the balance in your CashBox is enough to cover your purchase, then it’s processed automatically as a real-time, Peer-to-Peer payment. If your balance isn’t sufficient for the purchase, then your payment is processed automatically as a debit to the checking account you provided in your original Genie CashBox application.”

Mark Newgreen, Genie Gateway CFO, explained, the GenieCard will be a major game changer and everyone over the age of 18, with a valid checking account at any U.S. bank can qualify.

* NO Activation Fee
* NO Monthly Fee
* NO credit check
* NO employment verification
* NO credit card needed
* Merchants get paid in Real-Time

“The GenieCard will change transaction processing for unbanked merchants; customers get to shop with privacy and convenience, and merchants get paid in real-time,” concluded Mark Newgreen.

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