Concealed Carry Purse Source Announces New Website

Concealed Carry Purse Source offers vital information for fastest growing demographic group of concealed carry permit holders in the USA – Women.

Westborough, Mass. – Concealed Carry Purse Source today announced a new website,, the most comprehensive offering of concealed carry purses in the United States. Many women are considering the purchase of a gun for self-dense. Large numbers of women who carry concealed guns also purchase concealed carry purses.

Hunter Goodman, CEO of Conceal Carry Purse Source believes that, “A Woman with a Gun does not need Charity!” According to the site, “Owning a concealed weapon is not a one-day decision. Before you begin to think about it, you must be prepared to take responsibility for your decision. Having a concealed carry purse is the safest and best way to carry a gun if you make the choice of buying one – or two.”

Some women prefer to have small handguns, while others choose large weapons. Purses are considered the most popular gun concealment option for women. Women should think about the kind of gun they want own, but it is equally important to consider how that gun will be concealed. While men prefer holsters for their gun concealment, most women consider various concealment methods, especially purses.

Many conceal carry purses offer special pockets and concealment areas where a gun owner can holster or hide a weapon. The site offers high quality concealed carry purses for easy draw and grasp of the gun. These exclusive purses offer a hidden compartment, as well as a sturdy platform for a weapon. According to Goodman, “These days, many concealed carry purses on the market have lockable zippers. This is good, because it helps women gun owners to hide those guns away from their children.”

Concealed Carry Purse Source knows that it is important that purse compartments be designed so it is easy for the owner to get at the gun. “A purse should be designed in such a way that you can easily get to your gun when there is a sudden attack,” Goodman added. “This is an important consideration when deciding about concealment weapon. You have to consider the rapid response factor.”

The site’s cleverly designed concealed handbags manufactured with reinforced straps; this serves as a theft prevention technique. Says Goodman, “You need this type of purse if you want to move around. When you want to make your choice of concealed carry handbags, the most important factors you have to consider are style and substance.” Purses are available in various designs, styles and colors. One should  consider everything usually done with a handbag.

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