Social Media Marketing: Key to Making Great Businesses

Social Vantage’s Social Media Management solution offers business owners a fully customizable and effective social media marketing system
Many of today’s online and offline businesses rely on the power of the internet to reach to a much wider customer base.

They know that in order to be competitive, they have to make good in their aggressive marketing campaigns to bring in more customers to their businesses. While it is not necessary that they completely abandon the traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as print and broadcast advertisements, more and more businesses are turning to the web as a more practical solution to the ever-increasing budget requirements of successful marketing campaigns. 

The Rise of Targeted Online Marketing

Online marketing experts and professionals talk about the importance of establishing presence in many of today’s social media platforms. They all point out to the inadequacies of mere webpage development, search engine optimization, and back linking in the generation of adequate website traffic to one’s business. The whole idea of online marketing activities is to use a variety of web resources to spread the word about the existence of your business, the products and services that you have to offer, and the value that potential customers can derive from your products and services.

Whereas a well-conceived website, complete with the correct set of keywords as well as key word phrases to afford some chances of landing high up in the ranking of some of the world’s primary search engines, not following it up through the use of ‘mini sites’ to help spread the existence of this particular website may not only result in the failure of the marketing campaign to generate traffic, it might as well spell the demise of the entire marketing program of your business.

Targeted online marketing requires that you truly understand who your customers are. And when you do have their best interests to heart, it becomes relatively easier to develop web content that is not only relevant to their needs but is also compelling in such a way that they actually feel you are concerned for them. This is the beauty of today’s online marketing campaigns. And when it comes to evoking emotional responses, nothing beats the effectiveness of social media platforms.

Impact of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms provide a very informal, albeit social, way of interacting with different internet users. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ all provide extraordinary means of communicating and interacting with different people from different parts of the globe and in different time zones, beliefs, and cultures, but are driven by one distinct theme – the need to communicate and establish a relationship with others via the power of the internet in general and the social media platforms in particular.

Friendships have been made, intimate relationships have been consummated in marriages, and business relationships were initiated primarily because of the power of social media. And this is something that is being used to its full advantage by social media experts of Social Vantage.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the crucial puzzle pieces to the success of online marketing campaigns. While SEOs, back linking, relevant landing pages, and even pay-per-click advertisement campaigns can provide the website traffic your business needs, this can be further enhanced, with greater results, by the use of social media marketing campaigns.

Consider social media as a network of friends and acquaintances. You simply do not initiate friendship or even acquaintanceship by directly selling someone you just met online your products and services. This defeats the purpose of the social media platform. Social media exists because you need to establish a certain form of collegial relationship, friendly, very social one. So you first need to develop trust and confidence before you can even begin selling them the idea of your products or services.

Social media marketing capitalizes on the network of social contacts or online friends that you have to help you spread the merits of your business. Eventually, your network of social media contacts will become either a customer of your business or indirect marketers of your products or services. Either way, your social media friends and acquaintances will be very instrumental in marketing your very own business.

Social media platforms provide a venue for you to interact with your customers as well as sway undecided visitors to try out your business. By making your business very visible on social media platforms you increase the likelihood that your business will be discovered by those who are on that social media platform as well. This translates to increased traffic to your website which can become great sources of leads which can be hopefully converted into sales.

Upping the Notch to Social Media Marketing

Now here is the catch. If you are the owner of a fledgling business, you may not actually have the luxury of time to really socialize with new acquaintances and existing friends on your social media accounts. As a business owner, you will be more concerned about the actual hands-on operation and management of your business. Otherwise, if you are just going to spend the rest of your time socializing on the internet, your business might as well fail because of mismanagement.

Fortunately, there are products and services on the internet that provide a solution to such a dilemma.  Social Vantage’s Social Media Management solution offers business owners a fully customizable and effective social media marketing system that is guaranteed to create virality and expand the reach of your business without the need for you to be on social media sites 24 hours of the day 7 days a week.

Having a professional social media marketer handle the engagement activities in your social media sites can greatly improve the overall credibility of your business. When people see that your social page is always active and is providing everyone the opportunity to voice concerns and adequately addresses those, it projects an image of trustworthiness on your business. In the end, it all translates into improved generation of internet traffic which can be converted into leads and eventually sales.

By making your presence very obvious in social media networks, you create awareness among the other users of the site. They can spread the word to their own network of friends, initiating a cascade of multi-level marketing, albeit without coercing them into marketing your business. This is the key to improving your business’ overall brand image.

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