Phone Cases for the Active Lifestyle of Today’s Generation

A well-designed phone case should not limit your full use of your smartphone’s features.
Accidents do happen.

No amount of carefulness can ever prepare you for the worst. And when it comes to today’s high-tech gadgets, what with all that space-age wizardry and engineering ingenuity never before seen anywhere else, it does pay to afford some degree of protection. Phone cases such as those designed, developed, and produced by Lander as well as other smartphone case manufacturers also must be able to keep up with the lightning-speed development of smartphone technology.

Smartphone Technology Demands
The smartphone technology wars that has been going on for several years now is always highlighted by the introduction of higher-spec’d smartphone computer processing prowess as well as the use of innovative and energy-efficient circuitry to maximize the full potential of the device. Just think of the smartphone as a very small Intel Core i7 desktop computer that fits right in your palm. This is how technologically advanced mobile phones have become.

Add to this more sensitive graphics processing units as well as a fully integrated camera lens systems that are powerful enough to even beat some of the world’s best professional camera systems, and you can understand why the protection these devices demand must also be parallel to the level of sophistication of the device.

The Lifestyle of Today
The development of the smartphone is closely related to the very mobile, internet-savvy, developer-friendly lifestyle of today. People want devices that they can use to access a variety of information anytime, anywhere. They require camera systems that can give them tremendous and art-worthy images as well as videos that can be entered into the Cannes Film Festival as an indie film. People want to be able to play action-packed games without lag and freezing in high definition resolution and sometimes even 3D. People of today want devices that can let them watch hours upon hours of high definition quality movies and films both on online video networks such as YouTube and offline sources such as those stored on the smartphone’s internal or external storage space.

In other words, the lifestyle of today requires the Swiss knife of mobile phones. This very active lifestyle is what challenges manufacturers of smartphone protection systems into developing very relevant and highly appropriate phone casings and other smartphone accessories. The name of the game is to keep up with the active lifestyle of today’s modern road warriors and to match the technological advances of the smartphones used by today’s generation.

As such Lander phone cases as well as other phone case designers and manufacturers must be able to reflect in their products the kind of active lifestyle that the people of today have. This means understanding the very nature of human use of everyday technology.

Things to Look for in a Smartphone Case
Smartphone cases are not created equal nor are they designed with the same purpose in mind. While some compromise on the protective capabilities of the phone case by focusing on its aesthetic look even to the point that it becomes more an overkill, other companies prefer to focus more on the protection the case is required to provide yet produces a very bland, sometimes outright absurd phone case. The challenge therefore is in striking a balance between aesthetic beauty and elegance and the highest level of protection it can afford the smartphone.

  • Case Material 

Your choice of case material will actually depend on how clumsy you are. If you find yourself dropping items more often than normal, then your best bet will be those phone cases that provide some serious protection. However, if you are careful enough, then perhaps a phone case with just the right amount of protection will suffice. The main idea about the choice of case material is that it needs to provide a cushion for your phone against bumps and falls and sometimes, even scratches. Rugged cases, tough cases, slim cases, and folio cases provide varying degrees of protection from the most serious to the very basic.

  • Accessibility of Phone Controls 

A well-designed phone case should not limit your full use of your smartphone’s features. It should not interfere with your volume, power, and reset buttons as well your device’s USB, charging, and earphone ports. It should also not block the hole to your camera lens nor should it produce fringing or vignetting in your images. Most of all, it should not interfere with the quality of calls that you make, either through its speaker or the mic.

  • Screen Protection 

A good phone case should provide ample screen protection either by integrating clear glass technology into the phone case frame or the use of raised bezels to dramatically increase the distance between the screen and the surface where it is going to be laid.

  • Fully Customizable 

A phone case that is bland that it looks more like a hollowed brick where you place your smartphone is something that is truly not worth the attention of any serious smartphone owner. An excellent phone case should allow you to make customizations in the same way that you are able to customize the overall functionality and appearance of your smartphone.

The Best Smartphone Case for the Active Lifestyle of Today
Considering the vast array of phone protection products in the market today, it becomes a little bit unnerving to choose the correct one for you. Again, the choice will be greatly dependent on how careful you are with your gadgets. Typically, a phone case that strikes an excellent balance between design and functionality will appeal to any of today’s very active individuals.

A phone case that is strong and sturdy enough to withstand impacts of falls and bumps yet stylish enough to offer a personal statement for the one using it will be the most ideal kind of smartphone case. A slim fit will be needed in order to maintain the sleek profiles of today’s paper-thin smartphones. The case should also have raised bezels to provide adequate screen protection. It also needs to have a more textured grip so that it stays in your hand the whole time.

These are the things that you need in a smartphone case, especially if you are just like the majority of people today who lead a very active lifestyle.

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