Lander: Fulfilling the BGZ Brands Promise of High Quality Products

The very active lifestyles of today’s generation of tech-savvy and device-dependent individuals.
When the BGZ Brands was founded just two years after the turn of the millennium, it never did envision itself as a powerhouse of protective systems for devices.

Previously known as BodyGuardz, it was more directed towards the design, development, and manufacture of screen protectors that provided some degree of protection against scratches.

Fast forward to 2015 and the BGZ Brands has successfully diversified into other device accessories and protection systems, such as the expedition-themed Lander product lines, that are more or less specifically designed for the very active lifestyles of today’s generation of tech-savvy and device-dependent individuals.

In fact, BodyGuardz, or BGZ Brands, has broken through the top 500 fastest-growing companies in 2015, earning a spot in number 436. The Inc. 500’s ranking is a testament to the phenomenal growth of BGZ Brands as a very productive and innovative company that has truly provided its customers and fans of high quality products and services.

The BGZ Brands Quality
Starting with a handful of screen protector products in 2002, BGZ Brands has grown dramatically over the years to include thousands of innovative and very functional products that are purposely designed to protect the very sensitive nature of today’s devices. Incorporating the many learnings in the past, the team of product developers at BGZ Brands continue to push the boundaries of technological innovations to come up with newer and more exciting products and services that are beyond compare.

At the forefront of these products and services is the company’s adherence to the age-old tradition of ensuring quality workmanship and the need for absolute functionality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. More importantly, BGZ Brands saw the need to introduce an entirely new line of branded products that will cater specifically to the mobile and very adventurous nature of today’s device-driven generation.

Lander Landing at BGZ Brands
In August 2015, BGZ Brands proudly unveiled its latest line of products that were designed to suit the very mobile nature of today’s generation. Lander was thus introduced as an expedition-inspired set of device accessories that were crafted to suit the active lifestyles of today’s individuals without necessarily appearing a run-of-the-mill type of brand. What sets the Lander system apart from the competition is its unique design elements that successfully marries protective functionality with the personalization of their products that ensures its becoming a natural extension of the individual’s unique personality.

The Lander product line beautifully complements the other products of the BGZ Brands to give today’s consumers a complete line of accessories for their various devices. BGZ Brands knows only too well the importance of today’s smartphones and devices in the productivity and lifestyle of today’s very active generation. True to their mission of enhancing the lifestyles of their customers by designing, producing, and making available branded quality products and services, BGZ Brands continue to provide increased value and high quality products in the Lander system.

Enduring Utility
Lander products have been carefully designed to achieve a certain form of structural strength and durability that are best translated into very durable products with the use of raw materials that have been tested to provide the maximum strength and durability the BGZ Brands is known for.

Choosing the right raw materials often starts at the drawing board where a team of designers and materials experts come up with solutions that will provide a unique advantage to the Lander product line of BGZ Brands. The name of the game is to design and manufacture high quality and truly functional products that can last a lifetime.

All-Around Companion
The products of BGZ Brands’ Lander line such as smartphone cables and Lander phone cases and soon-to-be sleeves are designed primarily to be taken anywhere you decide to go. Whether it be up the Rockies where it was first conceived as an idea or the metal and concrete jungles of highly urbanized metropolitan cities, these Lander products of BGZ Brands offer a unique design functionality that can outperform many other similar device accessories that are designed only for a specific location or surrounding.

The versatility of Lander products is very much in tune with the BGZ Brands’ promise of delivering high value and high quality products and services that will elevate the overall experience of everyday consumers with regards to the full use of their respective devices or gadgets. The versatility and functionality of these products never compromise their aesthetic appeal so that you can brandish them anywhere you are. Whether you are meeting the big bosses in a corporate boardroom or enjoying the sunset sitting on a cliff in the Rockies, these products are sure to be your smartphone’s and other devices’ perfect companion.

Superb Engineering
The versatility and functional strength of Lander products can only be realized by extreme ingenuity in engineering. BGZ Brands’ team of engineers assigned to the Lander product lines are well equipped with the right mindset and correct technical competencies in translating design inspirations into meaningful pieces of device technology accessories. This ensures that all products that will ever come out of the Lander assembly line will be in direct consonance with the prestige of BGZ Brands as an Inc. 500-ranked company. You see, BGZ Brands has a reputation to protect as well as a mission to oversee.

Aligning Lander to the BGZ Brands Promise
With a specific target market in mind, the design team of Lander has partnered with some of the outdoor industry’s best minds to come up with an expedition-inspired line of products and services that will appeal to the adventurous nature of modern man. The team required its designers to come up with very lightweight products so as not to add burden to the user carrying or using the device. It also required from the team to come up with a design that is both stylishly chic and presentable and fully functional. All of these requirements were intended to be in line with the promise of BGZ Brands of providing customers of truly functional and high quality products that will elevate their daily experiences in life.

Proud to be a BGZ Brands Company
It goes without saying that Lander is truly one proud member of the lean portfolio of BGZ Brands. They prove that even a meager start can achieve tremendous heights if you stay focused to what you really believe in.

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