Styling and Functionality for Urban Living and Outdoor Adventures

Devices today need to be made of durable construction from lightweight yet very tough materials to offer some degree of protection both in and off the grid.
Today’s very mobile and tech-savvy generation demands only the best when it comes to protecting and offering full functionality for their devices.

Whether it be for office or outdoor use, the modern road warrior should be able to seamlessly use his wide array of electronic devices and information and communication devices, no questions asked. This unique requirements offer an interesting and truly remarkable challenge for phone accessory designers and manufacturers such as those at BGZ Brands’ Lander product team.

The Modern Road Warrior
Today’s individuals are able to strike a balance between work and recreation at a level never before seen in the course of human history. People have come to value the need to enjoy nature as much as their need to become productive in their respective works. Many spend countless hours enjoying the great outdoors such as the Grand Canyon or even the Rocky Mountains and other places of interest that offer a wide variety of adventure-filled and fun-packed activities. This is very much needed by those who spend more than 40 hours in front of their desktop computer screens as a necessary lifestyle to break the otherwise monotonous nature of everyday living.

While enjoying the great outdoors is something that many people aspire to, they do not necessarily lose focus on what is important – providing the means for them to enjoy more of what life has to offer. This means they have to work and be productive in their respective fields. This also means that they need to have gadgets or devices that can simplify things for them. This is why many of today’s road warriors are equipped with only the latest state of the art technological wonders known as smart phones. And when it comes to smart phones, these devices pack the computing prowess of some of the world’s best desktop computer systems, weight-by-weight, in a neat and very miniscule package.

The Requirements of Today’s Generation
Juggling between the office and the outside world requires devices and gadgets that can easily offer functionality in either scenarios without the need for drastic changes in its overall operation and design.

Devices today need to be made of durable construction from lightweight yet very tough materials to offer some degree of protection both in and off the grid. Individuals today want a device that can shoot pictures in the wild while still maintaining the crispness and vividness of images taken in office and urban shots. They need smart phones that can seamlessly connect to the internet whether they are in the great whitewater rapids of the world or bungee-jumping on some canyon or high steel bridge or even the closed confines of an office building complex. They need smart phones that can process information a lot faster than a Core i3 and with storage capabilities that can be accessed anywhere using cloud services. The modern devices of today need to be carefully designed and constructed to meet the many requirements and demands of today’s average active individual wherever he may be or whatever he is doing.

As such, smart phone protective solutions must be able to ride with the tide stemming from the technological innovations that have been propelling the smart phone industry to greater heights every several months. This means that products such as Lander phone cases must be designed and carefully constructed to support the very active lifestyle of today’s generation.

Unique Styling
The designers and engineers of smart phone protection systems must be able to successfully integrate highly useful design elements into their products. The style of the products must be able to provide a certain form of flexibility in that it can be used seamlessly anywhere the user may be. It needs to show a certain design class that can stand out in board rooms or even ordinary offices during weekdays. It also needs to project a level of sophistication that will be perfect for those formal and semi-formal social gatherings with your company, your friends, or even an important individual. The smartphone protection system should be rugged enough to provide its ultimate function – to protect your smart phone.

So, whether you will be going to the Rockies or trekking the Himalayas or even riding a tuk-tuk in the busy streets of Bangkok or a bajaj in the suburbs of Jakarta, you simply do not need to worry about the protection of your device. You will never have to feel out-of-place when dining in one of the Michelin Starred restaurants of the world because of the truly versatile functional styling of today’s smart phone protection systems.

Full Functionality
Designing the world’s best device protection products entail great understanding of the unique requirements of protecting without interfering with the full functionality of the device such as your smart phone. This means that whether you are on some remote mountain or cliff, on an open field of grass and woodlands, or in the concrete jungle of the world’s great cities, you will never lose the full functionality of your smart phone.

This is a requirement that needs careful consideration by the designers and developers of smart phone cases as well as other protective products like screen protectors. A product will be deemed useless if it adversely affects the functionality of the device it is designed to look after. For instance, if the smartphone case that you use interferes with the device’s ability to send and receive signals, will it be worth using it? Likewise, if the design of the product does not fit well into the device’s set of buttons and other controls will you enjoy using your device?

Balancing Style and Function

The ideal smartphone protection product should therefore, strike a balance between styling and functionality. It needs to be stylish enough to be brought to board rooms, executive meetings, and general employee assemblies and ruggedly-styled enough to bring to any activity of the great outdoors. It also needs to be fully functional in that it does not hamper with the smart phone’s unique features and technical capabilities.

So, whether you are in highly urbanized areas or living or enjoying the time of your life off the grid, a well-designed smart phone protective solution that offers unique styling and full functionality will give you the best of both worlds in a single package.

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