Jump & Joy Party Rentals in Katy Texas: What You Need for Your Kid’s Party!

Jump & Joy Party Rentals is the leading moonwalk rentals and themed party service provider for birthday parties in Katy, Fulshear, Rosenberg and Richmond.
Kids view their own birthdays as exhilarating and exciting.

They not only think that they have the whole world doing great things for them, but the pleasure of feeling that they are the center of attention for that day. Considering that it is a big accomplishment for children who will be a year older, they would like to have a party with all of their family and friends. On your part, you should plan it in a way that the little ones will have a blast. You can make it enjoyable and fun with Jump & Joy Party Rentals that provides a variety of options of moonwalk rentals.

Jump & Joy Party Rentals is the leading moonwalk rentals and themed party service provider for birthday parties in Katy, Fulshear, Rosenberg and Richmond. We take care of the setup, disassemble and travel expenses, all for one affordable cost.

Check out our standard 15’x15′ bounce houses, and choose from our list of popular themes:

  • Sophia the 1st Bounce House
  • Frozen Castle
  • Boys Small Bounce House
  • Tinker Bell
  • Thomas the Train Theme
  • Sponge Bob
  • Disney Princess
  • Blue Princess Castle
  • Pink & Purple Bounce with Hoop
  • Paradise Theme with Hoop
  • My Little Pony with Hoop
  • Blue & Red Bounce House
  • Dora’s House
  • The Dinosaur
  • Blue Castle
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Girls Small Bounce House

A moonwalk party rental is a kind of inflatable house, which is most in-demand at a kid’s birthday party. As the leading provider of bounce house products and party packages, we are aware of some important factors. Our bounce houses are attractive and fun, and safe for children at the same time. Here are the 3 things that we focus on when you opt for our products and services:

1.     We Provide Excitement 

The main purpose of Jump & Joy Party Rentals is to give children a play time that they will remember for a long time. Spacious and colorful are exactly what makes our bounce house a real favorite. There are many types of bounce houses for kids of all ages, so be sure to select one that is most appropriate for our kid’s age bracket. Call us at (281) 912-3902, so we can give you suggestions with regard to the ideal kind for a specific age group. Being allowed to bounce around is one thing that kids really enjoy. When a birthday celebration is happening, opting for a bounce house is a great idea. While the kids are enjoying themselves the bounce house, several guests can use it all at the same time. After all, one of our main goals is group fun.

2.     Safety is our Concern

Our party rentals are safe enough for the children. We have bounce houses that are meant for small kids. They are not too high to prevent the risk of falling on the ground and hurting themselves. Jump & Joy Party Rentals make sure that it is safe enough for the youngsters to play in. We can offer a staff who would look after the children playing in the bounce houses.

3.     We Value Cleanliness

Jump & Joy Party Rentals make sure that our inflatable are decontaminated and hygienic for the next users. We follow strict guidelines for cleanliness and hygiene to prevent people from acquiring diseases. This is our ethical and moral concern. Being our client, we are extremely particular about cleanliness for your sake. We also provide a list of safety instructions together with a weather cancellation policy. Review these instructions so you will be the trained operator at your child’s party. Every one of our moonwalk rentals are clean and lead free.


Almost all birthday parties have a specific theme, and that is what makes the event a lot more enjoyable and interesting. Having a theme makes it easy for you to decorate the venue using specific supplies and decorations. In Jump & Joy Party Rentals in Katy Texas, we have concession rentals as a way to add more fun to your guests. In addition, you can also request a dress code for your guests, and then organize fantastic games that are related to your theme. You can hire us for your entertainment; we have face painting, balloon artists and character visits.

At this age, children are energetic and fascinated with fictional characters, superheroes, circus, cartoons, musicians, princes and princesses, vibrant colors, and many others. Therefore, you would get bonus points when you go for a theme party. Find out what your child is fascinated with these days. Based on this, you can pick a theme for the celebration and add the necessary invitations, decorations, supplies and favors.

Aside from our popular bounce houses, Jump & Joy Party Rentals offer other types of rentals and they are:

  • Dry Bounce Combos
  • Wet Bounce Combo
  • Dry Slides
  • Water Slide Rentals
  • Obstacles Dry
  • Obstacles Wet
  • Interactives for Events
  • Tents
  • Concessions
  • Entertainment

So long as there are celebrations and parties, there is one golden rule; everyone should have fun. It may sound like a simple rule, but it is surely an important one. You may have used the most brilliant decorations, sent out the most attractive invitations, prepared the tastiest food, and given the most original favors to your guests, but have not given the effort to make your guests enjoy their time at your party, then it would be a boring one. Thankfully, Moonwalk rentals from Jump & Joy Party Rentals are enjoyable toy inflatables for little kids. Not only do they give many hours of delight, they also have enough room for several kids have fun and play at once.

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