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Whether you like it or not, at some point in your life, you will have to seek the services of a legal professional.
The people of Northern California have spoken.

When it comes to comprehensive legal services from family matters to real estate and business laws, nothing comes close to the expertise and unparalleled commitment of the John Kitta Law offices which had been in existence for over three decades.

Whether you like it or not, at some point in your life, you will have to seek the services of a legal professional. And when that time comes, you will need someone who has supreme legal knowledge together with lawful recourses and instruments that will best represent your interests. At the law offices of John N. Kitta & Associates, you are considered as a family. And whenever family is an issue, the law practitioners at this firm will do everything they can to make sure that your interests are well represented and your rights defended.

They Represent the Family

Families in the San Jose and Bay Area will require not only a good attorney to represent them in a variety of legal issues, but one that is aggressive enough to win cases for them yet compassionate enough to see through the often emotionally-charged atmosphere of family legal issues. When it comes to Family Law in the Fremont, CA area, there is only one name that has become synonymous with fiery passion – the John N. Kitta & Associates Law Offices.

Be it financial issues, challenges in the division of property, and even conflicts related to alimony and child support that may result from the dissolution of marriage, the lawyers at John Kitta’s Law Offices will make sure that both of you will be given the most appropriate divorce solution you deserve. 

They Protect the Injured

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, it is sometimes inevitable that accidents do happen. Add to this the compounding role of substance abuse among the perpetrators of vehicular accidents that it becomes more evident that you need the legal expertise of John Kitta. When you suffer personal injury from the actions of another person, a business, or any entity, the legal experts at John Kitta will fight for your right to just compensation.

They Represent your Estate

Life is a journey. And like any journey, it can come to an end. No one understands this more than the legal experts at John N. Kitta Law Offices. They understand the rigorous requirements of estate planning. However, they do it wholeheartedly, believing that it is your right to demand only the best legal probate and estate services this side of the nation can provide. From the gathering of all pertinent economic information and documents to adhering to a variety of tax laws, John Kitta’s extensive experience in probate courts and unequaled understanding of tax laws and accounting principles will ensure the most comprehensive estate plan for you.

The law firm provides comprehensive probate and estate legal services that include planning the succession of family-owned businesses, the division of assets and properties, resolution of conflicts that involve trusts and disability benefits, and the preparation of draft wills and trusts. John Kitta Law Offices can also create trusts for charity, minors, and individuals with special needs. They also provide legal instruments such as the durable power-of-attorney as well as represent you in inheritance disputes.

They Protect the Elderly

The legal experts at John N Kitta & Associates understand the need to protect the elderly members of your family. Having elderly parents themselves, they truly understand the need to make sure that senior members of society should be taken care of, respected, and valued for their contributions to the family and society.

So whether the defendants to the elder abuse and neglect cases are financial planners or physical therapists, or live-in caregivers or nurses or even contractors, the lawyers at John N. Kitta & Associates will fight for what is right. The law office has extensive knowledge of the Nursing Home Reform Act as well as the Residents’ Bill of Rights to give you that much-needed leverage to obtain justice to what has befallen the precious elderly member of your family.

They Protect your Property

Problems related to your land use project? Do you have issues with boundaries as well as disputes in construction defects? The legal experts of John Kitta & Associates have more than three solid decades of experience helping real estate owners with a variety of their legal concerns from zoning matters to real estate law issues to non-disclosure violations. The law firm has what it takes to make sure that your real estate project proceeds without any hitch. They can even help you resolve issues that may arise from the lease of commercial and industrial properties.

They Protect your Business

Being at the heart of Silicon Valley, the law firm of John N. Kitta & Associates is in a prime position to use confident diplomacy in a variety of business negotiations. They can assist you in the development (or the dissolution) of partnerships as well as joint ventures and LLCs. They also provide invaluable assistance in resolving contract disputes as well as personal injury lawsuits which might be leveled against your business. Whatever your legal concerns are related to the creation, development, and management of your business, whether in whole or in part, John Kitta has an answer.

They Protect your Employment

Whether you are an employee or the owner of a business, you will find value in the extensive experience and knowledge of John N. Kitta & Associates on Labor Laws as well as statutes related to your employment. They make sure that you are properly represented in sexual harassment, civil rights violations, and even wrongful termination cases and receive justice. As a business owner, the John N. Kitta law firm will help you ensure compliance with existing labor laws including the development of employment contracts.

The comprehensiveness of the legal solutions of the Law Offices of John N. Kitta & Associates is undoubtedly remarkable. With value-added services such as free consultation and legal advice, what more can you really ask for? So for legal issues that may hit you as an individual, your family, your estate, or even your business and employment, nobody can represent your best interests better than the 34-year unparalleled legal excellence of the John & Kitta & Associates law firm.

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