Holistic Care for Substance Abuse Treatment

Music and art therapy provide avenues of expression that are non-threatening but can be very illuminating for the patient; while providing a compelling vehicle for sharing with other inpatients and counselors.
With an appreciation for the fact that each person is a unique individual, even in their addiction symptoms, a holistic drug treatment approach offers a wide range of wellness avenues to the recovering addict.

By treating the “whole” person, incorporating a variety of treatment modalities, each patient is allowed a personalized vehicle for expressing themselves and learning new ways to deal with their personality and health disorders.   Holistic care allows the patient to explore new aspects of themselves, in a healthy, non-threatening environment.

Prior to any treatment process commencing, each patient is assisted with a detox process that is managed by a board certified physician.  Medication may be administered during this process, in order to help eliminate any severe withdrawal symptoms.  Once the patient’s body has rid itself of invasive and disabling toxins, the actual treatment of the emotional, psychological or medical disorders that lead to a dependency on drugs or alcohol can begin.  Following a thorough assessment and evaluation, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan to address their specific recovery needs.

Treating each patient in a holistic manner allows the facility to incorporate a wider range of treatment modalities, utilizing those that best suit the patient’s recovery needs.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is among the leading treatment tools to help implement change.  Allowing patients to explore their feelings and thoughts, to regain insight into behavior they need to change, while meeting with certified counselors, therapists and psychiatrists, can help transform destructive thoughts and behaviors.  With a team of therapists to help, patients are allowed a safe environment to identify troublesome beliefs, while discovering how thoughts, feelings and certain situations can create inappropriate escape methods.

Through the combined use of psychodrama, biosound sessions, fitness and nutrition education and participation, along with music and art therapy, each patient is introduced to alternative ways of expressing themselves, as well as discovering aspects of themselves they never knew were there.  The process of psychodrama affords them the opportunity for role playing, acting out their thoughts and fears, while deriving insights from another who may be playing the role of their inner voice.  This same role playing tool can help them gain insight into the many ways their addiction has impacted members of their immediate family, friends and others in their life.

Music and art therapy provide avenues of expression that are non-threatening but can be very illuminating for the patient; while providing a compelling vehicle for sharing with other inpatients and counselors.  Either or both of these tools provide an avenue of discovery that can also foster joy in the patient.  Biosound has also gained significant recognition in the treatment community, with its effective impact on the recovering addict through the innovative use of sound and imagery.  With guided imagery and sound, the patient can achieve release from their fears, anxiety or depression.

By choosing a facility with a holistic approach to the care of an addicted family member, there is a greater opportunity for true success in an addict’s breaking their bonds with addiction.  Seek out a treatment facility that offers the best in care for your loved one, in order to help them return to a drug or alcohol-free lifestyle.

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