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Self balancing scooter is probably the most popular new gadget of 2015 and is expected to be one of the most sold products until the end of this year, especially in the Christmas period. This is expected to be the hottest gift this Christmas.

What is a Self Balancing Scooter?

A self balancing scooter is a new kind of scooter which is using a new technology.

This kind of scooter is a smaller, carry-on option for the average consumer. It’s not running on gas or anything like that. You can charge the scooter exactly like you are doing with your phone.

This type of scooter has no handle bar because it accelerates by simply applying pressure with your feet. Some people may say that a self balancing scooter is looking a lot like a motorized skateboard but is not exactly the same thing.

Here you can see exactly how a self balancing scooter is looking like:

You may already read about this gadget under a different name like: two-wheeled scooter, Drifting Board, Two Wheeled Scooter, Smart Balance Scooter, Hoverboard, PhunkeeDuck, IO Hawk, Monorover, Smart Balance Wheel, Future Foot, Swagway etc. There are so many names because after the product was launched for sale for the first time in 2014, a lot of new companies made better and better versions of this product and they decided to sell it under different names.

Why are self balancing scooters so popular ?!

This kind of product got a lot of news coverage this year because a lot of newspapers and TV stations talked about it when people like Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Wiz Khalifa, Karim Benzema, Skrillex or others appeared in public using this kind of gadget.
How can help you ? experts decided few months ago to choose 90-100 of the most popular, most sold, most expensive and cheapest self balancing scooters on the market. Then after they analized hundreds and thousands of reviews on websites like Amazon and Ebay they choose 20 of those products and they decided to try and review all of them. created a chart with TOP 20 Best Self Balancing scooters and they sorted the products by a general rating.

The rating is calculated using multiple criterias like: product material, design, battery, driving range, special features(like remote key, Bluetooth, speakers, carrying bag, protective gears etc), amazon or ebay rating and a general criteria which is called “value for money”.

About is a new website dedicated to help people choose the best products and services on the market. has a team of experts who are focused on products reviews. They charts with the best products and they rate each product using different criterias which will help the customer to make a better decision.

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