Rod Toucher is creating gay heroes through his writing

There aren’t many pieces of writing which are focused within the gay community and Rod Toucher has decided to put the talent of his writing into creating stories that will portray gay males as the lead characters, often in fantasy and supernatural, although not limited to that.

Toucher has always been passionate about writing and he loves to write stories which involve a view from the gay male perspective. He observed that the literary world and media doesn’t have much in the way of gay heroes or villains, leaving a vacuum for role models for the gay males.

He hopes to bring a change in this scenario by using gay male characters in his stories, portraying their lifestyle, thoughts and general perception about the world. Toucher is currently working at a full time job, but has aspirations to devote his complete time into writing. But he is a little short of funds and resources. To achieve his goal and gain enough funds for the proper editing and cover creation he has also started a crowd funding campaign on Patreon. As he wishes the writing work to be completely polished and edited, he needs to use these funds for the work to be properly done.

Though he works for 40-55 hours per week, his low paying job is not enough to pay for the writing work and that is why he has turned to the masses for support through Patreon.The amount raised from the fund raiser will be utilized for proper editing, covers, writing and publishing of the book.

Toucher’s book will contribute in uplifting the often back shifted gay community and help them in accepting their identity by seeing themselves mirrored in the mainstream media.

A variety of perks and rewards are also available to the backers such as by pledging $1 or more per month the user will receive two newsletters a month consisting of information about the work done and how the fund raiser helped in it. With a contribution of $10 per month, the backer can own a PDF format of the latest release by Toucher, which is only available on Kindle.

 For a pledge of $100 pr more per month, the backer will get everything mentioned above in the previous donations plus a bit role in one of Touchers’ stories. The user can decide themselves whether their character is likeable or not and if the any of the backers is willing to grab a major role in Toucher’s story, they can pledge for $1000 or more per monthly. In this pledge as well, the backer will be able to decide if they want to be a good or bad character in the story.

Considering the increasing awareness in the world for the gay community but still the persistent stigma, Toucher has taken his step forward to break it and contribute in making life better for the gay male community.

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