“The Romantic” by Felix Alexander receives rave reviews from the readers

The love story by Felix Alexander named “The Romantic” has received great reviews from readers on Amazon US/UK and Goodreads. Regardless of the number of novels available in the market from the romantic genre, “The Romantic” has succeeded in wooing many readers around the world.

Amazon reader Sebnem Sanders mentions in her review, “Felix Alexander is a great story-teller, his writing evocative and delicate, yet sparse, but full of feelings and beautiful descriptions, just to the point and very skilful. This is objective writing which conjures many deep sensations, beyond the words.”

The story is based on friendship, passion and unreciprocated love, which may not sound very unique but the way it has been presented along with Alexander’s writing styleit has been able to win the hearts of many as shown in the review of Erankimchi whowtote, “When I found this, I just thought this would be similar to other heart breaking novels were the girl leaves the boy and the boy sobs for his whole life. But, what I found was such a detailed version of every aspect of it that I was completely mesmerized. I didn’t really ever thought by those angles. I believe you have got to be one who has gone around the same thing in order to understand it. A Brilliant masterpiece.”

The story begins from the deathbed of Hadriel Alighieri. He has kept a secret in his heart for decades but in the final moments of his life, he recalls his journey of life and finds that he has been haunted by the memory of Sophia Paula. He recalls the day he fell in love and retraces the path of his memory to find his unrequited love. The story moves forward and leaves readers curiousabout what happens next, whether ‘she’ waited for him or moved on.

Hadriel fell in love as a boy but the love remained unrequited and it haunted him throughout his life. His passionate and sensitive nature kept him clinging to the feeling of love and made it impossible for him to truly love another woman, despite his attempts to do so. This emotional turmoil led to his self-destruction.

The lyrical pace of the book keeps the reader glued to the story while the insights on love warranted a second read.

“The Romantic” has received great editorial reviews by respected bloggers and reviewers in the literary industry who have praised the book as a great read and a unique love story. OnlineBookClub.org suggests readers read at least a third of the way through before making assessment and concluded that it gets better and better with every page all the way to the last one.

The book is available on Amazon for purchase in both Kindle and paperback formats.

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