Creators of Leovard Luxury Aftershave Lotion Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Tackle Common Skin Problem

The creators of Leovard Luxury Aftershave and Moisturizing Lotion have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and marketing funds.

Razor Bumps (Pseudofolliculitis barbae) is an extremely common medical skin condition affecting commonly shaved regions such as the face, neck and bikini areas. This condition affects individuals from all racial backgrounds but it is more prevalent in people of ethnic backgrounds. Studies estimate that approximately 45-85% of African-Africans are affected by this condition.The creators of Leovard Luxury Aftershave and Moisturizing Lotion have created a luxury skincare product to tackle this problem, and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution as well as the marketing of their product. Leovard’s motto “Pride Above All,” signifies the company’s commitment to quality products made from pure, organic materials.

This physician-formulated luxury aftershave and moisturizing lotion leaves the skin smooth and healthy with a lustrous glow and soft texture.  Leovard Aftershave and Moisturizing Lotion is fragrance-free and can be used by both men and women to smooth and soften the skin after shaving. The product consists exclusively of natural ingredients and infused with proprietary herbal extracts to optimize the moisture levels in the skin while easing the irritation, bumps and burn from everyday shaving. Leovard is handcrafted and hypoallergenic with no artificial ingredients.Created by a physician to soothe and alleviate dry and damaged skin, Leovard Aftershave and Moisturizing Lotionoffers a rich, luxurious experience without the concerns associated with chemicals and processed ingredients.  Leovard is never tested on animals and is made in the USA from natural ingredients such as organic coconut and sunflower seed oil, organic shea butter, apricot kernel oil, organic aloe vera leaf and proprietary herbal extracts. According to the creators: “Our mission is to positively impact humanity and we pledge to use part of our profits to help indigent African children who can’t afford the high cost of life-changing surgery, especially craniofacial anomalies like cleft-lip and palate.” The Leovard Aftershave was pioneered several years ago from local African herbs and oils by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Segun Aranmolate, MD, FRCS to help patients with several skin conditions, and was later formulated into a smooth, rich lotion by patent-holding physician and molecular biologist Sheg Aranmolate, MD, MS.

The Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $1 to $140, with rewards ranging from electronic thank-you cards to t-shirts and skin care products.  For more information about specific rewards associated with various pledge levels, visit the campaign page.

About Leovard and Creator, Sheg Aranmolate:

Leovard is an all-natural, organic formula that leaves skin healthy and smooth after shaving.  Now, the creators have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds and to donate money to help African children who need facial surgery.

Founder and Creator Sheg Aranmolate has a doctorate in Medicine from University of Tennessee and a master’s degree in Applied Molecular Biology from University of Maryland. He completed an internship in Surgery and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Texas. Sheg holds a patent for potential anti-microbial compounds and he has published an indie novel, Bountiful Famine. He was named one of the 21 young leader under 30 by Ebony magazine and 30 young leaders under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal respectively. Sheg has also been featured on a couple of television shows, including The Big Give Show.

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