The Power of Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic surgeon will work in tandem with your general dentist to create the beautiful smile of your dreams.
The human smile is one of the few universal methods of communication.

It’s believed that even dogs understand the affection behind a smile. No matter your race, age, or ethnicity, a smile expresses positive emotion. Beautiful and authentic smiles are even more influential. A good smile can charm the people around you and lead to more opportunities. Even more, smiles can strengthen your relationships with loved ones and spread joy and happiness.

Unfortunately, most people with discolored, damaged, or missing teeth aren’t confident with their smiles. It’s difficult to beam from ear to ear when you’re anxious that people will judge your teeth. In times of joy, people with damaged smiles tend to smile with their mouths closed.

Stiff close lipped smiles don’t convey the same emotion as full and authentic smiles. Close lipped smiles make you appear guarded, hard to relate to, and unfeeling. When your too embarrassed to fully smile, you’re missing out on the happiness that comes with a positive human connection.

Not to mention, damaged smiles also lead to physical health problems, including further tooth loss and decay. Taking care of your dental health improves your quality of life and overall wellbeing. The feeling of confidence, acceptance, and success that comes with a beautiful smile leads to a gratifying and happy life.

How Does a Cosmetic Dentist Work
If you have damaged, discolored, or missing teeth, chances are that you’ll see your general dentist before seeing a cosmetic dentist. Typically, your general dentist will refer you to a specialist. Oftentimes, depending on the treatment, a cosmetic surgeon will work in tandem with your general dentist to create the beautiful smile of your dreams.

Upon visiting a cosmetic dentist, your smile will be assessed to determine the best route for restoration. Veneers are typically used to help fix cracked, chipped, or severely discolored teeth. For veneers, your cosmetic dentist will customize thin overlays to mount on your damaged teeth. Veneers are a cosmetic fix for damaged teeth and will help protect the overall health of your remaining teeth.

If your suffering from tooth loss or substantial tooth decay, your dentist might suggest dental implants. Dental implants are an innovative way to restore your smile that improve your dental health, and create a beautiful long-lasting smile. Dr. Harry Long, a cosmetic dentist in Wayne, provides top-notch dental implants.

Unlike other tooth restoration treatments, dental implants replace lost teeth while stimulating bone growth in your jaw. With dental implants, your dentist will insert biocompatible titanium implants directly into your jaw. Once the implants integrate with your jaw and gums, a natural-looking crown is attached to provide a stable chewing surface. This allows for a long-lasting restorative treatment that looks and feels like real teeth. With a skilled cosmetic dentist and the appropriate aftercare, dental implants can be a permanent solution to your tooth loss.

With that being said, Dr. Long in Wayne, NJ is a renowned cosmetic dentist, whose dedicated to making your smile beautiful and healthy. Dr. Long has the cosmetic experience and training to create perfectly shaped and colored crowns that blend in with the rest of your smile. Dr. Long in Wayne, NJ is an authentic and affordable cosmetic dentist, who is eager to provide you with a beautiful and resilient smile.

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