Passfeed Hookup App Gives You Types Of Hookup Girls

What type of girl can you expect on the best college hookup app Passfeed. It will all depend on the connections you make on Passfeed.

It is the weekend and you seem bored with nothing to do. You can blame that all on yourself as there are many girls on Passfeed waiting for you to make a move. Take out your phone and start swiping through several profiles to see who is interesting. Talking about interesting, you should know that not all people are the same. There are those who might be interested in hookups or relationships. This is why you will find that Passfeed being the best college hookup app will have the following types of hookup girls.

 PassfeedHookup App Gives You Types Of Hookup Girls

The romantic type

This type of girl is looking for both a hookup and relationship. You will find that she wants you to shower her with gifts, affection, and love. Who does that to his hookup buddy? You should be prepared to get confused for a while about what she really wants. Such girls can change their perception towards you in a moment. You might think she likes more enough to be your girlfriend, but that is not always the case. She will tell you that it is just the way she is. Confusing right?

The cynic one

This type of girl does not trust anyone, even if you are just looking for a hookup. The thing is she has built a wall around her because of her past relationships. She might have been heartbroken a few times and it is killing her to see you are interested in her. She will immediately start comparing you to her past dates or hookups. You might want to be careful with this one. She might not be on the same page that you just want a hookup. Ensure that the hookup message is clear before anything else.

The choosy bitch

She has armed herself with a list of things she expects a man to have. Without those things, you are not likely to even get to second base. It is common to find such girls on Passfeed and colleges. It is a simple hookup but she will just make it hard for you. She might even decide just to wait until a guy with qualities on her list comes around. If that is not you, just move on to another girl to have some great time on Passfeed.

The serial hookup girl

She is tired of relationships. Remember that relationships to some people might feel like too much work. May be she is going through the same transition. She has been let down so many times that she does not think any relationship should work. So what is the alternative? It is through having many hookups as possible with no strings attached to forget her past. This can be a great thing for guys looking for hookups without any drama.

The desperate chick

She will always complain about not having a man in her life. All she will do is try to do anything for a man to notice her. She is just desperate to have someone in her life. She can be good for a hookup too, but expect some drama.

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