Freeze Drying Equipment Market is Expected to Witness Lucrative Growth Over the Forecast Period 2012 To 2020: Hexa Research

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Market Research Report on the rapidly increasing demand for seasonal foods and eatables in off seasons coupled with their hygienity are the major factors driving the “Global Freeze Drying Equipment Market”. Dry freezing is a process of dehydration which is also termed as lyophilisation. This process includes the freezing of a product to eliminate the moisture which is followed by the drying process of the product.

Freeze Drying Equipment Market – As the growth of fungi and bacteria is reticent in a moisture free environment, the freeze drying equipment facilitates longer storage of the products. The freeze drying equipments includes tubing and nozzles, freezing chambers, various sensors, vacuum pumps and cryogenic liquid storage.The replacement of traditional processes of drying products with the introduction of new drying technologies is also a factor propelling the freeze drying equipment market. The technological advancements in the market are retaining the customers by providing various advantages such as enhancing usability in diverging conditions and preserving the aroma of the products. The rapidly rising demand for preserving food with better quality and longer life is a direct consequence of rapidly changing lifestyle globally. A huge potential from taxidermy and eco friendly interments coupled with the constant increase in preservation of flowers and leather are the major factors expected to further fuel the global freeze drying equipment market over the forecast period.

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The entire freeze drying equipment market on the basis of product type is segmented into industrial freeze dryers, general purpose freeze dryers, mobile freeze dryers, laboratory freeze dryers and bench top freeze dryers. The laboratory freeze dryers segment is one of the leading product lines owing to its increasing usage in the pharmaceutical industry for development purposes. Bench top equipments are also majorly used in laboratories for various biological studies by students. Industrial freeze drying equipments are widely used for the protection of several food products for safe consumption.

The mobile freeze drying equipments are expected to witness lucrative growth over the forecast period owing to the portability and moisture reducing efficiency of these equipments. The freeze drying equipment market is segmented on the basis of applications of the equipments into pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, surgical procedures and food processing applications. The leather conservation and flower preservation are other niche applications of the freeze drying equipments. The food processing application of freeze drying equipments attributes the largest market share due to the rapid increase in food processing acceptance and increasing prevalence of food processing globally. The biotechnology and pharmaceuticals segments are expected to witness lucrative growth over next five years owing to the continuous advancements in freeze drying technologies.

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Geographically, the overall freeze drying market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and RoW. As of 2013, North America attributed the largest market share in terms of revenue due to increased use of freeze drying equipments especially in food processing and pharmaceuticals in this region. Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow fastest over next five years due to emerging pharmaceuticals market and expanding food packaging market in this region. Europe is expected to hold steady growth in the market owing to usage of freeze drying equipments in various applications.

The major players in global freeze drying market include SP Scientific, Shanghai Tofflon Science & Technology Co. Ltd., Millrock Technology Inc., Operon, Freezedry Specialities Inc., MechaTech Systems Ltd., Cuddon Engineering Ltd., I.M.A., Labconco Corp., GEA Niro, Thermo Fischer Scientific Inc. and Telstar S.A. These companies are creating various strategies such as collaborations, expansions and acquisitions to keep a strong foothold in the global freeze drying equipment market.

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