iFaxCoverSheet Reveals Newly Designed Templates for the Mobile Fax Machine Era

Recently Established Customized Fax Cover Sheet Website Offers Newly Designed Templates for the Mobile Fax Machine Era

iFaxCoverSheet is a newly launched custom fax cover sheet website, developed especially to cater to the needs of small businesses, real estate professionals, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and educators. The team behind the website recently announced that they will be offering Newly Designed Templates for the Mobile Fax Machine Era. The new templates will feature over 30 new fax cover sheet designs, which have been developed with modern needs in mind to suit both personal and business purposes. An variety of categories have been tailored including basic, personal, confidential, medical, and creative fax cover sheet templates.

The most important factor that the team believes sets their designs and a template apart is that they are modern. The website spokesperson said: “Unlike other sites, we custom made our own fax cover sheets. And not only are they unique, but they are modern. They were created in the year 2015, not 1999. Many people have forgotten about faxing, but lucky for you, we haven’t! Browse our themes knowing that we’re trying to truly make your lives simpler and easier.”

In addition to the new fax cover sheet templates the team is also working on an iPhone mobile application called PhoneFax that will make sending and receiving faxes easier than e-mail.

iFaxCoverSheet founder Chris Bates said, “Launching this site along with iFaxCoverSheet strategy for the future of fax has been a huge triumph. We are moving forward with an idea (faxing) that is stuck on old designs and old technology and endeavoring to breathe new life in to it, so we’re very excited to bring faxing to the digital, modern, and mobile age.”

The website and the modern fax cover sheet templates are free to use, and do not require any subscription or memberships for downloading templates. This convenience makes the process easier, quicker while saving users money. User can simply download the desired template, print it and have a professionally made template ready for the fax machine. A how-to video is also available on the website for the ease of their users.

In the future the team behind iFaxCoverSheet assures to continue designing and offering high quality fax cover sheets.

About iFaxCoverSheet: iFaxCoverSheet is a website based in San Francisco; CA. Founded in 2015, iFaxCoverSheet has designed, produced, and distributed over 30 new fax cover sheet templates for mobile and stationary fax machines.

Media Contact:

Chris Bates,  phonefaxapp@gmail.com , http://www.ifaxcoversheet.com

Media Contact
Company Name: iFaxCoverSheet
Contact Person: Chris Bates
Email: phonefaxapp@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.ifaxcoversheet.com