The Salvation Diet Review Reveals The Biblical Diet ‘What Would Jesus Eat?’

“The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?” is the latest Christian weight loss and fitness program created by Chris Walker. It shows how to lose weight naturally and effectively following a biblical diet.

“Leviticus holds the key to banishing addictive sugar” says Chris Walker a true Christian American, who is also the author of the book “The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?”. Daniel Miller performed a full detailed and easy-to-understand review of this bible diet at

Yet another weight loss program claiming to help you lose 20-50 pounds with a biblical diet twist – using Jesus’ methods. Is this another con artist chewing on the Bible? “It’s a return to the way of eating and living commanded by The Lord God Himself over 2,000 years ago…” claims the author.

“This program is totally different and pulls inferences from the bible to prove Chris Walker’s point of view” says Daniel.

The Salvation diet program is approaching the weight loss in totally different angle – a wholesome system for living life optimally – spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The author is neither a doctor, nutritionist nor a personal trainer, just a regular Christian who is a true believer of God and his power of existence. The Salvation Diet has 7 modules representing God’s holy number of complete divine perfection presented in digital mode, videos and pdf formats.

The first module is an introduction of Chris Walker’s life and how by following methods listed in “The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?” came down from 278 lbs. Module 2 shows how a 7 minute prayer of gratitude will impact one’s life reshaping mind, body and soul. Module 3 exposes an interesting fact proving why Jesus never had insomnia. Some interesting topics like let Jesus take your grocery cart is a secret shopping list – a crucial key to Christian weight loss. The 7 day meal plan is what Jesus ate and surely this kindles an inquisitive mind to try this one out. There is a 3 – tier exercise regime that is simple and easy to follow. All are accompanied by tracking sheets for daily progress.

Never before tried feature of a biblical diet plan – serving others! “What better way to stay positive and sense of fulfilment for the mind and spirit” says Chris Walker.

First of a kind Christian weight loss plan that isn’t just about losing weight and getting in shape but more so about one’s lifestyle and changing some of the existing habits to harness the power of losing weight naturally and holistically.

This program is known to lay a solid foundation of lost values via the bible and prayers, a long forgotten mode of offering gratitude to God. Chris Walker guarantees that this done regularly everyday will change one’s approach to life and help reshape body, mind and soul.

One of the best inclusions to this program is the last part which dives deep into simplifying physical and mental mélange of one’s existing situation. Separating the two from each other will add years to one’s life as experienced by Chris Walker during his earlier stages of experimentation with weight loss and the subsequent answers he sought from biblical verses.

What the author emphasizes is that it is a totally religious and biblical approach to weight loss thereby may be looked down upon or rather not suited to non- religious Christians and may sound offensive to sensitive non-Christians.

Daniel says: “It may be pricey for some at $97 but with various discounts offered at different levels you can get it to as low as $47 for a one time payment. All said and done, ‘The Salvation Diet – What Would Jesus Eat?’ is a bible diet worth taking a look at, at least for all those religious Christians out there waiting for a godly answer to their weight loss.”

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