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In 3 Days Get a Denver Pallet or Crate ISPM15 Export Certified
Denver Reel & Pallet Company is a well-known supplier of pallets and crates for the shipping and storage industry in the state of Colorado.

Denver, Colorado (getnews) November 13, 2015- With over 50 years of experience in building high–quality industrial wood products and strong supplier relationships, Denver Reel and Pallet Company can be counted upon for all unique shipping and storage needs. The company is ISPM 15 certified and has successfully passed through inspections from American Lumber Standard Committee several times.

Safety of materials is the most important parameter for individuals as well as enterprises handling transportation of valuable products. The role of pallets in safely transporting goods from one point to another cannot be overlooked. These simple looking tools when built to the right specification form the safest platform for handling materials during shipping as well as for storage.

Durable pallets from Denver Reel & Steel Company do not just serve as an effective base during transportation but also make loading and unloading of the products much easier. The high-quality of the material and its affordable pricing make them suitable for use for overseas operations too.

“We build and supply pallets of any custom size with only a three-day turnaround time. We deliver exceptional quality and ask for no minimum requirements. Our designs, production methods, delivery times as well as pricing are industry benchmarks in the state of Colorado. Anyone looking for affordable ISPM 15 certified pallets for sale in Denver must come to us for the best customer service,” says a representative of Denver Reel and Pallet Company.

Denver Reel & Steel Company offers pallets Denver of three types, wood, plastic and foam cushion to meet the varying requirements of customers. Wooden and Plastic pallets can be custom made to any size and can be used with no hassle for all overseas shipping. Both options are highly affordable with the former being more eco-friendly.

For all those materials that need an extra layer of protection, there is the foam cushion pallet. These pallets are made from Polyethylene Foam (PE) in 3 different densities and can be fitted to the exact requirements of the client.

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