AQUACERO Launches Kickstarter Campaign For The The Zero Water Waste Intelligent WiFi Sensor

Saya has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise $98,000 to launch “Aquacero” a $279 water waste solution, which comes at a time when California is besieged by drought and water shortage. Aquacero detects water leaks and shuts off the water line. It provides a perfect solution to save water and prevent expensive damages.

The Tech Start up, which is based in Irvine, California, has launched their campaign on Kickstarter to enable them to provide consumers with their Aquacero Smart Water Leakage Detection and Control Sensor.

The Wi-Fi enabled smart device could autonomously measure and monitor consumption, detect water leaks and disable the water supply when necessary. Remotely controlled via the cloud and a smart phone App, Aquacero can manage the entire water supply in any residential or commercial location. This means users can protect against water damage, conserve water, save money. Aquacero is also great at preventing damages caused by frozen pipes.

SAYA Aquacero device is first in the marketplace to offer a comprehensive connected solution to residential, and commercial water leak problem by offering dual and single inlet all weather outdoor and indoor sensors for both hot and cold water pipes.

SAYA One, flagship cloud-enabled data analytics and central water management system from the company is capable of monitoring all sensors in the field with enhanced capabilities of monitoring customer premises for consumption, leaks and conservation efforts including field dispatch capabilities.

Aquacero translates as zero water, and that’s exactly what you’ll waste with the system in place.

Saya is crowdfunding at the moment to launch their product to  consumers and help reduce the amount of water that is being wasted.

“The problem is now,” said SAYA spokesperson Elizabeth Lauren. “We don’t want to be tied up in feasibility studies while California turns into a desert. We have the solution, and we want to get started tomorrow… well in a month.”

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About The Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign has been launched by Saya, who are looking to raise $98,000 to launch their water saving product. The product provides a real solution to reduce the water that is wasted and helps to combat water shortage.

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