Airwheel Z3 Self-Balancing 2 wheels scooters Changes Your Lifestyle

Airwheel Z3 from Airwheel has debuted at present. Because there are some amazing traits about this Z3 electric motor, it may cause some consumers impulsive consumption since it’s suitable for long-distance travel.

Another new travel tool, Airwheel Z3 has been released by Airwheel lately. It may give a rise to all fans of scooters to make the impulsive consumption since there are plenty of amazing features about this Z3 electric motor. Actually it’s worth doing that because Z3 will not let those loyal fans down. Meanwhile, it will change your lifestyle.

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Airwheel Z3, two-wheeled electric scooter has debuted in the ending of September, which holds a similar face with electric bike in the aspect of the exterior. It doesn’t come with a seat which is meant for getting around cramped French streets. That is the big difference from the electric bike. It’s also not equal to the children electric scooter since that kind scooter for kids is only powered by a 24-volt battery, which can only last 40mins after a single charge. However, Airwheel Z3 is fitted with a 220-volt rechargeable battery imported from Japan running for at least 4 hours. Since it adopts the structure of the bike, it is with easy-to-use operation. You can rein it with only slightly more experience. About speed, it tops out at 18km/h, which can be used a commuting tool.

Z3 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter

For long-distance travel, Z3 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter can also do it. The battery in the scooter is replaceable, so you can swap out the exhausted battery, and replace it with the fresh one. By this way, you can go on a long journey only if you have carried with enough spare batteries. Apart from that, the design of the location of battery is rather humanized. It is not under the pedals, but attached on the joystick in case you run into rainy days. On the other hand, Z3is foldable and portable. Its pedals can be folded. At the meantime, the joystick is retractable. If you want to carry with it in your car trunk for a travel, it’s no problem.

In summary, Z3 is a travel tool which you can’t miss out for it can offer your life changes.

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