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The budding pest management industry in the city has received a shot in the arm with the introduction of warranty backed services from one of the leading companies in the metropolitan.

Kings Langley, New South Wales (getnews) November 14, 2015 – The budding pest management industry in the city has received a shot in the arm with the introduction of warranty backed services from one of the leading companies in the metropolitan.

With the Pest control Sydney expected to grow by 2.4% through to 2016, Forensic Pest Management Services which is the premier provider, has spiced up its services to net in even more clients. The Sydney based company with over 10 years serving the metropolitan, announced that all its services would be backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to assure customers of the quality.

Speaking during the launch of its unique blended service, the managing director was emphatic that the company which has been a trendsetter was not about to rest on its laurels,

“Since we started off as a family business, our goal has always been to satisfy every customer’s unique needs. While we have broadly achieved this, we now want to go further and guarantee every client that our services are indeed the best in the region,” the manager said.

Pest control has become a great deal for property owners in the region especially after the 2000 Olympics according to research. For instance, a CNN Report says there was a 400% increase in bedbug samples between 2001 and 2004. Clients in the city have thus been demanding for more efficient services and this is what Forensic Pest Management Services seeks to provide.

“By offering fully company-backed range of services, we want to assure property owners that we are using the most innovative techniques while expending a lot of energy to improve effectiveness,” the manager noted.

“Our brand is trusted and when we give a guarantee, we know more clients will seek our enhanced services,” he added.

The highly established pest management service is renowned for its vast range of services targeting residential, commercial and industrial facilities. These range from bird, bedbug, cockroach, rat, ants and termite control. Other pests that are managed include wasps, webbing spiders and silverfish among other vermin. Specialized techniques used include, termite inspection and sub-floor ventilation to avoid future pest infestation.

Over the years, the company has expanded its services from just simple pest control to become the first choice for all aspects of pest control. Through investment in qualified personnel and equipment, Forensic Pest Management Services has also broadened its reach from the city. It now services an extensive area including Bondi, Penrith, Ryde, Newtown, Randwick, North Sydney, Sutherland and Balmain among other neighbourhoods.

The company has now become the specialist in termite control Sydney services and by acquiring the required licensing, insurance and registration; it has worked closely with the NSW government in pest control. These efforts have enabled it to feature in the highly esteemed Australian Business Awards in 2014.

Started in 2002, Forensic Pest Management Services has grown from a small family business to become the first choice Pest control Sydney Company. This has been achieved through its professional, reliable and specialized services, which has earned the company thousands of referrals.

As members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), the company is bound by a code of ethics which is one the many reasons its services have earned critical appraisal in the industry.

Forensic Pest Management Services is headquartered at Blacktown, New South Wales, 2148. For more details visit

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