Airwheel F3 Annular Electric Unicycle with High Performance and Unique Design

Airwheel Technology has rolled out four new models on New Product Release Conference on Sep 29th, 2015. Airwheel F3 is the only annular one-wheeled electric scooter among the new models. It is with high performance and unique design.

Airwheel F3 with the rough exterior of Airwheel X series is the only annular electric scooter among the new models. It has been a revolutionary change of the unicycle in terms of its good performance and unique design.

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Though Airwheel F3 orbit electric unicycle still carries on the classical one-wheeled model, it looks different from the previous Airwheel unicycles. It adopts the innovative hollow ring design for the first time. It aims at losing weight to get light so that it’s easy to carry. The annular body of F3 is covered by a transparent shell which is made of PC&ABS composite material. This kind of material comes with many features, such as heat resistance, cold endurance, and flame resistance.

In other words, it indeed has high performance riders can feel when they are riding it. Owing to the hollow ring design, Airwheel F3 is so easy for users to carry. In fact, the hollow ring is not used as a handle to be held, just a sense of beauty. Actually Airwheel F3 orbit electric unicycle is equipped with a concealed handle which is made of magnesium alloy and elastic polyurethane. When riders need it, just pop it out. It’s rather convenient. Benefiting from its mini appearance, it follows riders’ movements to go everywhere at any time.

Airwheel F3 annular intelligent scooter

The pedals of Airwheel F3 annular intelligent scooter are anti-skidding and frosting. In addition, an exclusive APP connected with Airwheel F3 through rider’s cellphone. After installing the APP in riders’ phones, they can know F3’s status such as power level, mileage, temperature, and so on. It is distinctive from previous one-wheel scooter. AirwheelF3orbit intelligent scooter goes on better in terms of exterior and performance. With the advanced techniques and designs, Airwheel F3 can make riders’ riding safer and more exciting to enjoy life.

Briefly, F3 is a good travel tool with its high performance and unique design, which can be a revolutionary product.

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