Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Provokes the Passion for Life

Airwheel scooter is not only a travel tool, but something to provoke the passion for life. Lately Airwheel Technology has launched several new products to arouse their passion for life.

Although society heads to a higher level of civilization, some people seem still listless and indifferent. Actually they are longing for some new and innovative stuff to awaken them. However, at present Airwheel Technology has launched several new products to arouse their passion for life. The new products are electric scooter S6, Z3, F3 and M3. In general they are all portable, intelligent and stylish.

Speaking of Z3 electric motor, we feel its modeling is similar to a common electric bike. We have to admit that it resembles the electric bike. Nevertheless, its streamlined design with superior materials is completely different from the bike when we see it carefully. In addition, it’s still portable since the handlebar is adjustable and pedals are foldable.

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Let us distract attention to S6 which is also two-wheeled electric scooter as Z3. About S6’s sparkle, it is the unique cushion. On the basis of different requirements from riders, this cushion can be adjustable in its height. Some people can just adjust the support bar into the shortest height for they prefer to stand to ride. If not, they can adjust it to the suitable height for sitting. About F3, its figure is the smallest one with an annular body among the four. So it can be ridden in any places.

two wheeled self-balancing electric scooter

The last one M3 is the same as skateboard without a carful observation. However, M3 is also named as wireless remote control skateboard since it’s equipped with a remote control which can control the speed and switch of the power. Moreover, it is with high-quality tires which are rather durable provided by Cheng Shin Tire. Thus it offers us a strong backing to push the limits. By reason that its driving force is from battery, it can climb up to slopes easily compared with the traditional skateboard. With its better skid resistance, it’s a good chance to try what you want. Among those four products, M3 is worth having.

Facing with those new products, your passion for life will be provoked. Hurry up to lighten life by riding a scooter.

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