Christmas Gifts Airwheel Electric Scooters for Your Co-workers

This Christmas being the season of sharing and giving out gifts to our loved ones and don’t forget about our coworkers. These Airwheel intelligent electric scooters can be meant for coworkers in view of that scooters are equipped with some absolute advantages.

They say a person’s work place is his/ her second home. This is because generally after our own homes we spend most of our time at work. Thus people at our work place tend to become like our family. In due course of time you find yourself and your co-workers like a close knit family, bonded to each other constantly. This Christmas being the season of sharing and giving out gifts to our loved ones how could we miss our coworkers? These following Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are for coworkers that could come handy while choosing the gifts.

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Airwheel M3

M3 electric skateboard fitted with four wheels is born for those adventure-seeking. The shinning point of M3 is the replaceable stickers on the board and the remote control which can control its speed. Through it, to speed up or to slow down is much easier in contrast to the traditional one.

Airwheel F3

It’s a good choice for those coworkers loving challenge and passionate with thrilling ride. And bold he is enough to ride on one wheel scooter. The real innovation of this mini scooter is the hollow ring design, which makes its weight much lighter than normal ones. The annular electric unicycle is designed with a concealed handle. It can be popped out when riders need to carry it.

M3 electric skateboard

Airwheel S6

This two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter coming with a seat is meant for these even-minded coworkers with calm personality. Because of its two small knobby tires, it’s easy to keep balance and steady. In regard to the mini-electric scooter’s seat it is adjustable in that the support rod is retractable. Therefore, riders can adjust it into proper height based on their heights.

Wish those suggestions will help you find the most suitable Christmas gift for your coworkers. If you want the gift to be special make sure it’s given thoughtfully and not just like a formality. May you have a blessed Christmas!

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