Airwheel S6 Mini Sitting-posture Self-balancing Scooter, a Heart-warming Gift for Empty Nesters

The vulnerable groups, empty nesters left at home to guard the house can’t be ignored by community. To send a heart-warming gift such as Airwheel S6 electric scooter to the old is rather thoughtful. Empty nesters can enjoy a nice twilight years with the companion.

It’s a widespread phenomenon that an increasing number of old people are left in the empty family in many countries, especially Asian. For young people in the striving, they are extenuating since they need to support family. If they fail to show their love and care to empty nesters, that can’t be forgiven. If sending a heart-warming gift such as Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter to the old, they are so thoughtful. So empty nesters can enjoy a nice twilight years.

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S6 two- wheel electric scooter does not need a gas pedal or steering wheel because it’s powered by green energy resource, lithium battery. The whole flame of this scooter adopts magnesium alloy material which is light and solid. It gives priority to utility with features of high-tech and environmental protection. It is not only meant for the young, but also for the old, empty nesters though S6 is a high-tech electronic product.

 saddle-equipped electric scooter

In general, S6 is with easy-to-use operation system, even for the old. First adjust the suitable height for the seat before you ride it. After the power is on, two feet step on the platform. If you want to go forward, just make body lean forward; if you want to go backward, just move body lean backward. For turning around or a corner, you just lean to right or left according to directions you need. It sounds pretty easy to ride it. One point is worth mentioning that is the adjustable seat. If you feel tired because of sitting a long time to ride the saddle-equipped electric scooter, you can stand to ride it after lowering the height of seat. The adjustable seat provides empty nesters with two options of riding postures, which is good for stretching your body.

Therefor it’s a heart-warming gift in terms of getting around and doing exercise for empty nesters. And S6 can let empty nester enjoy a nice twilight years.

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