Walk by a Cool Scooter – Airwheel F3 Self-balancing Unicycle

Walking by Airwheel F3 is a symbol of quality life to redefine the normal life. Airwheel F3 single wheel electric scooter also called an orbit electric unicycle is a cool scooter which is valuable for us to pursue. It comes with a 14-inch knobby tire is small yet delicate, going to attract lots of fans of electric unicycle. The following features of F3 can be missed out.

Life is too short to drive a car that you don’t love, to live in a house that doesn’t take your breath away, and to participate in work that you don’t enjoy. Without pursuit you don’t qualify for anything. Pursuit is the proof of desire; it’s requisite for attainment. You have to pursue your spouse, your career, and everything that you value. Maybe that’s the significance of life. Airwheel F3 an orbit electric unicycle is a cool scooter which is valuable for us to pursue. Usually most people walk by feet, so walking by Airwheel F3 is a symbol of quality life. 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/GQxXwOkzXm0

Airwheel F3 annular electric scooter rolling ona 14-inch knobby tire is small yet delicate. At top part of it there two red rubber pads are which are used to ease friction when riders are using. The real innovation of F3 is the hollow ring that not only increases the sense of beauty but also lessens the weight of bodywork. This innovative annular shell is coated with a transparent stuff made of PC & ABS composite materials with heat resistance, cold endurance, and impact resistance. At the back of the scooter, two taillights are build-in ending part of the pedals. That ensures rider a safe riding at night.

one wheel scooter

By the way pedals are made from matting materials with great skid resistance, which make riders stable on the scooters. Moreover, it is easy-to-use in operation since through leaning forward or backward, riders can control the vehicle to go forth or recede. Based on intelligent system, it’s safe during the ride.

Walking by F3 one wheel scooter is a pursuit of life as well as a symbol of quality life. It’s worthwhile owning a F3 to have a different “walk” on the scooter.

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