The Importance of Choosing a Structured Settlement for a Medical Malpractice Settlement

Delgado knows the system, and how to work with it in order to get her clients the settlement that will best support their needs.
Suppose a man goes into surgery and becomes injured due to the surgeon’s negligence.

The man would have a medical malpractice case. Upon winning the case, the man has two options for collecting on his settlement. He could either opt to collect the entire lump sum, or employ a structured settlement consultant to put together a structured settlement. 

Lump Sum Collection

Pros: Collect cash all at once.

Cons: Taxes must be paid on the investments used from the settlement proceeds and are subject to market ups/downs.

Structured Settlement

Pros: The individual does not have to pay taxes on their periodic payments, resulting in more money from the settlement in the long-run.  Benefits selected are guaranteed as promised… forever!

If a child is involved, the periodic payments can be structured to last for the life of the child, which can benefit them for expected surgeries, living costs, and to improve the quality of life the child.

A structured settlement can ensure financial stability for years.

Cons: Not receiving all the money at once. 

Which looks like the better deal? The Structured settlement. How does one go about ensuring their financial stability for a long period of time using a structured settlement? By employing a structured settlement consultant. Those who have money coming to them from a medical malpractice settlement will need the help of a structured settlement consultant in order to know how to properly manage the money received in a settlement.   The consultant ensures best benefits at cost so you are positive you’ve received the highest rate of return.

Often, the result of a medical malpractice claim leaves the claimant with a chronic injury or disability. There may be additional health costs incurred as time goes on, such as surgeries, doctor visits, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Sometimes lifestyle modifications must be made such as installing a wheelchair ramp otherwise modifying a home to serve the disabled claimant. A structured settlement consultant can work in the costs of such disability-related expenses. This can be a huge relief for someone who has recently become disabled.

Choosing an experienced, trustworthy, and knowledgeable structured settlement is imperative to gain the maximum benefit from one’s settlement. Saphyna Delgado is that type of structured settlement consultant. She can secure settlement payments that will last over the necessary time with built in future needs concerned. She not only specializes in medical malpractice cases, but also general liability, and child abuse. Delgado knows the system, and how to work with it in order to get her clients the settlement that will best support their needs.


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