Fashion League: Fantasy Football for Fashion

Manhattan, NY – On October 6 2015, Mikahila launched a Kiva campaign for Fashion League, an Internet platform that applies a point system to data generated in fashion public relations – it’s like fantasy football for fashion.  

“I earned my Master of Science in Fashion Consumer Behavior from the University of Delaware and previously worked for ELLE magazine, Vanity Fair magazine, and fashion PR agency People’s Revolution,” shares Mikahila, “After working in fashion public relations and fashion editorial I was inspired to create Fashion League and gamify some of the more exciting and glamorous parts of the industry.”

This year, Fashion League’s Founder was a finalist in the Microsoft x 3-Day Startup Program. She also participated in the New York Public Library Startup Business Plan Competition and placed 4th (out of 325 applicants) in September 2015. 

How it works is simple – Fashion Leaguers select their favorite brands and fashion personalities to compete on their Fashion Rosters. They earn points based on the press their roster picks generate. Fashion League takes fashion enthusiasts backstage, front row, in the know. Fashion League’s point system uses fashion PR practices to create a fun and engaging consumer game centered on fashion week, award shows, and magazine covers. 

“After meeting with developers and researching app development costs, I am aware of the minimum funds required to build out version-one of the Fashion League app,” she explains, “By limiting or including some features in the app I have quotes ranging in cost from $3,000 to $100,000+. My plan is to build out the minimal viable version of the app and add on features as we grow the user base and earn revenue.”

Mikahila is currently looking to raise $5,000 on Kiva’s no interest loan platform. Thanks to MetLife Foundation, contributions to the Fashion League campaign will be matched (up to $500 per user). In exchange, lenders receive repayments on their loan and get to see the impact that they helped create.

For more information, please visit the Kiva page here or contact the creator below. 

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