Cironbar Announces Continuous Cast Iron Bars & CNC Machining Parts for Global Industries

China based Cironbar is the global supplier of high quality cast iron bars. The company announces the availability of Continuous cast iron bars of various specifications and also CNC machining parts for industrial clients around the world.

Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China – November 16, 2015 – There are several industries where high quality cast iron bars are required for the production purposes. Industries around the world can now rely on Cironbar that is a leading supplier of high quality continuous cast iron bars. The Chinese company has cast iron bars of various specifications and industries can request for custom specifications as well that can meet their requirements more specifically.

The company has now announced the availability of the 65-45-12 cast iron bar that has several industrial applications. These iron bars conforms to ASTM A536 standards and are available in round, square, rectangular or any other custom shapes. They can produce bars with 1inch to 14 inch diameter and 2000mm to 4000mm in length. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they can supply bars in custom sizes to meet the requirements of the clients. Moreover, they ensure the delivery of the bars in the least possible times with custom configurations.

The China based cast iron bar supplier has an excellent track record of supplying iron bars to the clients anywhere in the world in a timely manner. Despite maintaining an excellent quality and timeliness, they supply products at an affordable cost. The spokesperson maintains that their cast iron bars have several advantages over steel bars. Cast iron bars are remarkable for easy and smooth cutting at varying speeds. With a smooth finish and the least surface roughage, the cast iron bars can be used for a variety of industrial processes and for the precision part machining.

However, Cironbar has a variety of CNC machining parts in its stock that industries can find very useful to eliminate or reduce wastes in their production line. With high quality CNC machining, industries can now focus more on the key design elements for an improved and smooth production. These machining parts have their desired applications in hydraulic compressor, automotive and other industries.

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About Cironbar

Cironbar was founded in 1994, the drafting unit of China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T 10854-2008 (Horizontal Continuous Casting Iron Bars). The company has the expertise and a team of engineers who are well trained in design and quality control capability of continuous cast iron bar for more than 20 years. Cironbar focuses on innovation and the technology has made them the premier continuous casting producer in China.

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