Airwheel M3 Maple Electric Skateboard Adds Dynamic Beauty into This Autumn

In spite of that the fall is a little bleak along with yellow falling leaves, those lovers of life can also have their method to let this fall not that bleak. That is to move Airwheel M3 maple electric skateboard to add dynamic beauty into this autumn.

Autumn is a little bleak along with yellow falling leaves, which always make people feel sad and depressed. Lots of grasses and trees are lifeless at autumn. We can’t blame it on autumn since it lets people gain harvest at this season. Although autumn is not as colorful as spring and summer, it offers a nice weather, dry yet cool. It’s a right time to move Airwheel M3 maple electric skateboard under the feet for adding dynamic beauty into this autumn.

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A red maple actually is a typical symbol of autumn. It’s a beautiful scene to see a cluster of maples falling down from the trees with wind blowing. Airwheel M3 skateboard exactly adopts maple to make the board, which conforms to the element of autumn. M3 electric skateboard is fitted with 4 wear-proof knobby 4.5-inch tires, holding up to 100kg. The sticker attached on the maple board is replaceable according to users’ preferences. That’s a perfect way to show rider’s personality. Between the board and tires, the damper mass is installed to reduce the degree of bumping when it rides on rough and ragged roads.

It’s powered by 220-volt rechargeable batteries and a magnetic levitation motor, and the maximum speed it can reach is 20km per hour. Moreover, this motorized skateboard is paired with a remote control with 10 meters effective distance, which can control the skateboarding speed to easily realize speeding up or to slow down. The key to use the remote control is that when riders want to accelerate or decelerate, it needs to slowly slide the big sliding button forward or backward. Hence, riders can experience the joy of variable speed controlled in the hands. To shuttle among falling leaves is another graceful bearing of autumn with changeable speed.

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Moving M3 among the falling leaves is such a dynamic beauty that autumn is not that bleak. Autumn is also beautiful with the cool electric skateboard.

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