Terra’s Garden Announces Florida Salad Design Studio, Delivery Service

Service will soon be available nationwide

DORAL, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 16, 2015 – The Terra’s Garden team is thrilled to announce that they are launching a salad design studio in Florida. This state of the art salad design studio will feature the best chef salads, all custom created and delivered to homes and offices around Florida.

Terra’s Garden is a recently launched startup based in Florida that hinges upon infusing food and technology. The company has invested $4 million over the past 4 years in research and technology to develop its proprietary cleansing formula and 5-step cleaning process. The process, called the TerraPure™ system, virtually eliminates cross-contamination to eradicate the spread of illness-causing pathogens such as E. coli. Not only does the process result in cleaner greens, but the process uses less water and no chemicals. Terra’s Garden is dedicated to leaving a lesser impact on the environment while offering a positive impact on the world with its eco-friendly processes and technology.

Terra’s Garden currently offers two varieties of bagged greens, Romaine and Spring Mix. Both of these mixes are highly popular for their nutritional content, and Terra’s Garden is proud to offer locally grown, fresh, tasty, and clean varieties. With the TerraPure™ system, Terra’s Garden is able to exceed the industry’s current standards for pre-washing. When consumers purchase Terra’s Garden’s bagged greens, they can rest assured that they are getting the cleanest, freshest greens on the market.

Terra’s Garden is also very proud to announce that they will be opening a specialty salad design studio. With a contemporary design yet eco-friendly concept, the new studio will offer custom created chef salads using the most premium, locally sourced ingredients available. Customers will be able to order custom salads and have them delivered to their homes or offices. This exciting new service will first be available to people across Florida, and Terra’s Garden has also announced that the service will soon be available across the country.

Terra’s Garden is covering a niche that is yet to be explored by any other company, and they are excited to bring their unbridled passion into this new and unfolding space. Soon, Terra’s Garden will be donating its specialty formula to people in Congo so that they can have cleaner products, and the company will be continuing its research and development to explore new technology and products.

With the launch of the Terra’s Garden salad design studio, the company will be able to expand its presence and mission even further, and the Terra’s Garden team looks forward to offering its services to people around Florida and across the United States.

More information can be found at http://www.terrasgarden.com/

About Terra’s Garden

Terra’s Garden offers locally grown spring mix and romaine lettuce that are cleaned using the company’s proprietary cleansing formula and five-step process. 

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