Introducing Michelle Yuan: Air Force Veteran and New York Realtor Extends Invite to Property Investors and Homebuyers Seeking Exceptional Service

Yuan Yu (Michelle) from East Coast Realtors New York is a licensed Real Estate Agent working with oversea investors!

November 16, 2015 – New York, United States  Michelle Yuan (Yuan Yu), a New York based realtor specializing in providing unique system of personalized buy-sell real estate services and property management service is pleased to announce that she is currently welcoming property investors worldwide to benefit from affordable investment opportunities available in New York.

We provide a unique system of service specifically for investors; from the initial analysis of the New York market, to house land ROI analysis, as well as introducing you to the best local real estate lawyers, lenders, engineers and architects,” says Michelle Yuan from East Coast Realtors New York. “In other words, we provide you with tailor-made buy-sell services accustom to your investment amount and needs to find the most suitable investment returns.”

Michelle has an impressive portfolio of luxury properties where investors can invest their money at and earn more in the process without sacrificing time and comfort. She has a wealth of real estate sales experience, exclusive resources, and the most professional team that can help property investors achieve the “American Dream” of home ownership. Besides, as a real-estate agent, Michelle sets expectations upfront including risks and rewards, aiming to build long-term relationships, and serves only a few clients at a time. Her area of expertise includes Manhattan, Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn.

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About Michelle Yuan

Michelle Yuan (Yuan Yu) is an Air Force veteran and a successful real estate agent who represents East Coast Realtors New York. During her 7+ years of service in the Air Force, she moved her family three times and was on the consumer side of buying and selling homes many times. While advancing her career as an aircraft logistics technician, she became adept at buying, selling, leasing and financing investment properties and became a licensed Real Estate Agent working with oversea investor. Her business success has been built by managing client’s assets with honesty and integrity. She has honed her skills through combat leadership, formal education and multi-million dollar face-to-face negotiations that have played a major role in helping her gain a solid reputation as a successful business leader and determined problem-solver.



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