Politicians, Professional Athletes and Corporate Executives Convicted of Sex Crimes Will Not Be Represented By Nation\’s Top Prison Consultant

In recent months, cases involving sexual misconduct with minors have reached headlines and John Fuller has weighed in on prison consulting as to whether society’s elite could retain him as a prison consultant.

Secaucus, NJ – November 16, 2015 – Every day throughout the country, politicians, school teachers, corporate executives and trusted coaches are indicted for sex crimes. John Fuller – President of Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting, the most coveted prison consultant across the nation, has said that it will be impossible for them to be prepared by him for their life inside prison.

Fuller has made his living on providing advice to those who are going into prison. His prison consulting services prepares first time nonviolent and white collar offenders for life inside prison. He has hard hitting book on the topic: ‘The Ten Prison Commandments: The Ten Things You Must Know Before You Enter a County Jail, State or Federal Prison.’ He draws on his own experience of spending 11 years behind bars.

When Fuller was asked to comment on the recent guilty plea and an allegation surrounding a former high ranking republican, his comment was “I know he hasn’t been found guilty of sexual misconduct, but the possible allegations are enough to make me say No.”

Continuing, “I do not represent anyone convicted of child molestation, child pornography, rape, or any crime involving sexual misconduct. I honestly feel that they have stripped their victims of their dignity and it may affect them in ways that will never allow them to forgive or trust others throughout their lives and while some go on to live with shame and guilt others become pedophiles themselves.”

In a recent interview with RETV, Fuller stated “Imagine being molested as a child by someone you trusted and to live miserable and then die. That means the individual lived thier entire life with no closure. That is a sad way to live and a worse way to die.”

John Fuller played a key role in develop thing the modern face of the prison consulting industry, and provides many unique services for the first time inmate. Celebrities, Veterans, Politicians and high profile white collar criminals have all used Prison Coach Speaking & Consulting, such as Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart, and others you have read about and seen on TV. Prison Consultant Fuller travels the country as a public speaker focusing on corporations, universities and various organizations. He has been featured on Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, RETV and other media outlets.

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