iTestCash adds feature rich Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector, Flash Furniture chairs and ID scanners to its product range

16 Nov, 2015 – USA – iTestCash, the specialist of security products has added an array of products that are loaded with features to its product range to help businesses and individuals stay safe against identity theft and counterfeit money. The latest offering by iTestCash is the Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector which is considered to be one among the best products in the market. It uses advanced counterfeit detection technology to detect those money bills that are fake to prevent many businesses and individuals from accepting it when doing cash transactions.

This Quattro counterfeit detector by iTestCash has some stunning features such as optical density detection, infrared security marks, colour spectrum analysis and magnetic ink detection. This is a reliable product that will prove useful for various businesses such as casinos, clubs, gas stations, retailers, eateries and financial institutions. iTestCash has offered the Quattro counterfeit detector as an upgradable product to enable the user to upgrade it when a new bill in issued in US currency to prevent the need of investing in a new one. It has an innovative 4 way feature that enables the Quattro counterfeit detector to accept the money bills either face up or down. It has a LCD screen of high resolution with indicators to notify about pass or fail status and shows the denomination of the bill on screen and displays whether the bill is fake or original.

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This Quattro counterfeit detector has an automatic chargeable design using an outlet, which makes it a great find for business dealing with events or trade shows. It is also designed to count the money automatically in a single transaction that makes the job of counting money simpler.  In addition, iTestCash sells many other types of counterfeit detectors offered by top brands such as Accubanker, Dri Mark etc. The site of iTestCash also offers pen type counterfeit detectors for user’s convenience.

iTestCash also offers a wide range of stylish Flash furniture for office which are ergonomically designed to offer a sleek look to offices. These office chairs are designed using molded foam with polyurethane and leather to provide impeccable support and comfort to the users. These chairs have adjustable mechanism to adjust the height and to tilt the seat. The dual paddle controls are also adjustable making these furniture pieces an excellent investment. iTestCash also has plans to introduce brand new range of ID scanners and money counters down the pipeline to help business save time and effort.

About iTestCash:

Being the leader in the arena of business security for more than 8 years, iTestCash has vast experience in offering high quality products to help their clients fulfil their demands to check the validity of cash, credit cards and ID cards. This company has grown to great heights since its inception in the year 2007 by offering well researched products with long lasting quality and exceptional features.

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