Eaton Compressor Introduces New 200 Hp Air Compressor And 400 Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Tank Mounted – Energy Efficient Variable Speed. Take Advantage of Eaton compressor powerful and energy saving air compressors.
Eaton Compressor adds 200 Hp Air Compressor and 400 Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor to their catalog of impressive collection.

Eaton Compressor has announced introduction of the all-new 200 Hp Air Compressor and 400 Hp Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor. The premier air compressor manufacturing and marketing company is one of the most trusted resources for customers looking for premium quality air compressors at highly competitive prices.

“We are delighted to announce the introduction of the remarkably efficient and versatile 200 Hp air compressor and the 400 Hp variable speed rotary screw air compressor,” says Matt, President and CEO for Eaton Compressor. “Both these compressors have remarkable features and come with high performance guarantee – the hallmark of all our products. Our warranty on these compressors is the best in comparison to other brands.”

The 200 Hp air compressor comes with a low RPM 1750 RPM TEFC Electric Motor. The low speed has many benefits such as improved bearing life and less consumption of power during the startup process. The compressor will also run more quietly and smoothly. The compressor comes in an all-cast NEMA iron frame which can be replaced by locally available technicians, if necessary.

The $400 feature has an ASME Code Air/Oil Separator Tank and Code Safety Valve. It also has a single bar oil cooler and top air exhaust air flow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The 200 Hp air compressor is user friendly and has plenty of room for easy access during maintenance. The compressor absorbs more sound as it has ribbed sound proof material.

Eaton Compressors also offers an $800 option with an online/offline regulation modulation control which is a huge power-saver. The company’s $1500 option has a programmable controller that’s UL approved. There are no belts for maintenance as it is direct driven.

The 400 hp variable speed rotary screw air compressor from Eaton Compressor is the best available in this category and beats competitors hands down on several aspects. It is an energy-saver which helps companies save impressively on their energy bills every month. The stand-alone compressor runs on a range of voltage which makes it easy for use in any business environment globally. The variable speed drive improves efficiency, user convenience and reliability significantly.

Both the 200 Hp Air Compressor and 400 Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor offers the best warranty on several key components of the product, according to Eaton Compressor. There is a 10-year warranty on airend on all rotary models five years warranty on VFD, cooler, receiver, PLC and oil lines. The product comes with the reliability of performance guarantee associated with all Eaton Compressor products.

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About Eaton Compressor:

Eaton Compressor was first established in 1977 and is also known as Polar Air. The company is located in over 60,000 square feet of space in Englewood, Ohio in USA. The owner of the company, CEO, Matt Cain, takes prides in his company for being the leading manufacturer of air compressors in USA.

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