Harvard celebrates Supermodel Activist Veronica Grey

Supermodel Veronica Grey

Fresh off receiving her 2015 Special Humanitarian Award with Leonardo DiCaprio, the Organization of National Extraordinary Professional Women and Women who Rock with Success name Veronica Grey Supermodel Activist of the Year. Grey and DiCaprio are featured in the multi award winning environmental documentary “Worst Shark Attack Ever” which offers healing solutions for the raping of our oceans.

Veronica invented shark repellent swimwear and like Leonardo, takes a break from filming to tirelessly salvage the Earth and its creatures. Not only does she model her own line of life and limbsaving shark repellent bathing suits and wetsuits, but she also created a sideline of eco-friendly beach-themed apparel called Gun of a Barrel which she models on various television programs.

She has been invited by celebrity guru Clint Arthur to speak during the Business Expert Forum
at Harvard Factory Club where she could be awarded the
Supermodel Activist of the Decade award.

This event takes place the first week of December, a scheduling conflict because Grey is expected to be at the Pipeline watching her close friend, #1 surfer John Florence perform during the Vans Triple Crown in Hawai’i which happens simultaneously as the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Factory Club in Massachusetts.

While John John and Veronica remain close, he had nothing to do with her becoming the world’s most televised surfer. Like kindred souls, they met only after they both already made waves in their number one passion: surfing.

It was actually InfoMarketer of the Year Clint Arthur, his lovely wife Alison Savitch, and lead singer Andrew Vanwyngarden of the double Grammy nominated band MGMT who fueled Veronica’s television career and turned a mere lifestyle surfer into a supermodel.

She is open to having the right global chain step up to distribute her exclusively trademarked line of shark repellent bathing suits, wetsuits, board shorts, and surfboards.

Veronica Grey has brains as well as beauty; she has published four #1 bestselling books on health, wealth, and wellness. The television interviews in which she appears regarding her bestselling books and swimwear helped propel her to supermodel status and become the world’s most televised surfer known as “The Queen of Surfing.”

She graduated with a 4.2 GPA from high school and “could have gone to Harvard” but she instead chose to play Lacrosse at UCLA.

The Business Expert Forum helmed by Clint Arthur at the Harvard Factory Club is presented by the Entrepreneurship Students Club at the Harvard Business School. For more information on how to go from zero to hero like Veronica Grey did and frequently get booked on television, visit Clint and Alison’s status factory at http://www.GuaranteedCelebrity.com.

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