Illinois manufacturer supports Trump in battle with unfair Chinese trade

16 Nov, 2015 – Rick Gelscheit, the owner of Fox Lake based Bruin Brake Cables, is fighting the battle with unfair Chinese trade that presidential candidate Donald Trump talks about. Nov. 9, Gelscheit had a chance to speak with Mr. Trump about Gelscheit’s efforts.

Gelscheit was in Springfield, IL, to see Trump. He hoped he would have a chance to share his story with the presidential hopeful but realized that, with thousands in the auditorium, the odds were not good. As it turned out, things went very well.

“After he spoke, Mr. Trump was coming down the line along the front row of supporters signing autographs,” said Gelscheit. “When he got to me, I handed him my flier and asked him to take a look. I told him I have 30 years in manufacturing and I’m fighting the war with Chinese manufacturers – I’m in the trenches.”

Trump stopped by Gelscheit and looked over the flier. Then he promised to take a look at it when he had more time. He shook hands with Gelscheit before moving on.

Considering the warnings Trump is giving voters about unfair trade with China, Gelscheit feels his story is exactly what Trump is talking about. A few years ago, Bruin Brake Cables employed almost two-dozen workers making high-quality emergency brake cables. Now, they’re down to two employees, along with Gelscheit.

“I call her The Dragon Lady – she’s a bigshot with the Chinese auto parts manufacturer that provides many of the brake cables at area auto parts stores,” said Gelscheit. “She personally threatened to put me out of business – said she’s sell her cables at a loss for as long as it takes. She also said that, within five years, they (the Chinese) will own the entire aftermarket auto parts industry in the U.S.”

Gelscheit believes that Americans should fight for manufacturing jobs. His hope is to one day employ even more than two-dozen American workers. For that to happen, however, someone needs to do something about the heavy handed approach China gets away with when trading with the U.S.

“I believe Donald Trump is the candidate that can make a difference,” said Gelscheit. “And I don’t hear anyone else talking about it.”

To make matters worse, Gelscheit regularly tests his brake cables, as well as brake cables he purchases from area auto parts stores. On a good day, he said that half of the imported emergency brake cables will fail. On other days, nine-out-of-10 emergency brake cables fail.

“We test the brake cables to 1,200 foot pounds,” said Gelscheit. “Some of the imported brake cables explode out of the testing equipment at only 150 foot pounds. You don’t want to bet your life on a brake cable like that.”

Bruin Brake Cables pass the test more than 99 percent of the time.

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