Garcia Laboratories Opens State of the Art Male Fertility Testing Facility in New Mexico

16 Nov, 2015 – Garcia Laboratories is pleased to announce it has opened its first branded andrology laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Leroy and DNelle Garcia, the state of the art facility specializes in services such as semen analysis, sperm cryopreservation and intrauterine insemination preparation. Located in the heart of Albuquerque’s bustling uptown district, Garcia Laboratories is proud to provide confidential, state-of-the-art male fertility testing and processing in a private and professional atmosphere.

Infertility in the United States

Infertility affects an estimated 15 percent of all couples in America. Previously, the inability to conceive has been viewed as a woman’s problem. However, recent studies show that men now are known to be partly responsible for almost 60 percent of all couples’ infertility cases in United States. Further research shows that over 90% of male infertility cases are due to low sperm counts, poor sperm quality, or both. This rise in male infertility awareness means that more and more couples are seeing a need for professional, discreet and accurate male fertility testing.  

The Garcia Laboratories Difference

Garcia Laboratories offers a fully automated testing process.  Since the facility utilizes the very latest in medical technology, such as automated sperm analyzers, patients will receive unprecedentedly accurate results. Since the journey towards conception for any couple is a significant emotional and financial undertaking, Garcia Labs takes great pride in being able to give patients the information they need, helping couples make more informed decisions about their fertility health.

A representative from the company had the following to say:

“Male infertility is understandably, a culturally sensitive issue with a fair amount of stigma attached to it. Here at Garcia Labs, we know how important it is that our facility is discreet, clean and efficient. Our environment is relaxing yet professional and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our patients with state of the art male fertility testing services that also deliver accurate, consistent results.”

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