The Tactical Guru Reports Spike In Sales With Debut Of New Season Of The Walking Dead

The new season of The Walking Dead sees a fragile suburban setting constantly under siege, and has caused many more people to consider disaster preparedness, according to The Tactical Guru.

The Walking Dead is one of AMC’s most popular shows, and has followed the life and times of Rick Grimes as he struggles to hold his family and friends together in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Now in its sixth season, the show has returned to suburbia, where a hopeful society aims to hold out against the hordes of walkers. It is perhaps because the setting is so familiar that this season has caused a spike in disaster preparedness enquiries and sales, as observed by survivalist blog The Tactical Guru.

The Tactical Guru writes in depth editorials and product reviews on the topic of disaster preparedness, and has sections on backpacks, knives, flashlights, watches ( and other tactical gear so individuals can outfit themselves for all conditions should the worst happen. Their blog also features guides on self defense, save scavenging and more.

The site’s editor Rick has reported a huge increase in enquiries and traffic since the start of the season of The Walking Dead, which appears to have captured people’s imaginations and given them a new sense of urgency in getting ready to face the unexpected.

A spokesperson for The Tactical Guru explained, “The show’s premise is rooted in science fiction, but the anxiety it evokes in viewers is so real because it reflects genuine possibilities they may see in their own lifetimes. More people are waking up to this fact as the rate of global warming increases and nations are increasingly destabilized by radical ideologies, and want to be as prepared as possible to live a life off the grid. This site helps people discover the fundamentals for a safe transition, and that’s why we’ve been seeing such a degree of increased traffic. The show is perhaps hitting closer to home than ever, but in the long term, that could be a good thing.”

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