Popular Softtech and Marketing Pvt. Ltd Introduces Billing Software Solution OBAAS

Popular SoftTech and Marketing Pvt. Ltd, recognized for its inimitable software solutions, have come up with OBAAS, which will be owned by them and promoted as an exclusive and highly advanced online billing software solution for businesses around the world.

OBAAS, which stands for Online Billing and Accounting Software, is a new solution for businesses that are looking at advanced solutions. The new software solution from Popular SoftTech and Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a new age product, which will not only allow management of one business, but also facilitates the process of managing and syncing data and records of multiple businesses and personal accounts.

As an all-in-one online accounting software solution, OBAAS will allow entrepreneurs to have stringent control over managing the day-to-day activities of the business, including purchases, invoices, emails, SMS and even quotes and representations. It will also have some great additional features, which will ease the process of getting customized management.

On event of the launch, the honchos of the parent company were quick to point that OBAAS isn’t just another online billing software choice. In fact, OBAAS will help small and medium scale businesses in understanding their expenses and income, along with details like tax receivables and payables from customers. The new product will also offer an extensive interface for easy and effective reporting, where entrepreneurs and managers will be able to analyze income and expenses without any added hassle. Reports can also be generated on a monthly, weekly and yearly basis, for the needs of purchases, expenses, taxation and beyond.

OBAAS also brings the choice to collect payments faster than ever, with options for customers to pay both online and offline, and the records will be maintained easily. A number of different payment gateways can be used for the same. Also, unlike many of the software solutions that don’t allow easy editing of data, OBAAS facilitates the same and ensures that all records tally as per the changes made.

No wonder, the company is expecting huge response from the software, which does have an edge over most conventional choices.

About Popular Softtech and Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Popular Softtech And Marketing Pvt. Ltd is known for their amazing software solutions, which boast of balancing the best of available technology with the most advanced features. Their products are most aimed at the business sector, with a commitment to help clients do better.

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