Strengthopedia Announces Fitness and Weight Loss Comparison Site

SEATTLE – launched today, offering a weight loss support website so that fitness-seekers can have immediate access to research regarding what works and what does not work. Strengthopedia has saved users time by trying, and then reviewing, certain workout routines and nutrition supplements for those who wish to lose weight and be fit.

Strengthopedia follows some of the famous Beachbody® Fitness and Nutrition Programs, such as Shaun T’s Insanity Workout® and Tony Horton’s P90X® workout offerings. has developed useful tables to compare each program side by side and, “Let you know some basics, like: workout length, equipment needed, overall program duration, etc.”

According to founder, Howard Lorentz, “My goal when I created this page was to help people find honest and reliable information regarding the best home workouts, without having to read endless content that was created to push a product and make a buck. I want to give fellow exercise and nutrition seekers honest reviews and feedback.”

Lorentz has created a page for Shakeology®, a product he praises. The fitness and weight loss markets offer literally thousands of diet pills, powders, liquids, and any number of other solutions. Strengthopedia has tried many of the fat burners and pre- and post-workout products, but the ones with which Strengthopedia has had the most measurable success are Shakeology® and whey protein. “The reason is very simple: they work,” Lorentz added. has done extensive research on the Shakeology® Meal Replacement Shake and the 3 day detox Shakeology® Cleanse in order to get rid of stubborn pounds or take a break after the holidays. Lorentz has researched exercise plus food intake and has come to the conclusion that one must consider both in order to be fit and achieve goals. “It is almost impossible to have one without the other.”

The advice of Strengthopedia will help the user get in the best shape ever. Says Lorentz, “Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!”

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