The newly launched app “Street View Maps” gives a street view of 1.3 million cities worldwide

The website and mobile application “Street View Maps” to view the business, establishments of the local area of a city has a database of more than 1.3 million cities worldwide. The convenient mobile application can be used to see the street view of millions of cities across the world.

The website is completely free of cost and the mobile application is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile phones. The application is also available free of cost on Google Play store and iTunes for download.

With an easy and user friendly interface, the app “Street View Maps” can be used to anyone. It just requires a few clicks on the list of picture categories to show the areas that are needed to be viewed by the user. After clicking on the icons, the website or app displays a clear picture of the area and nearby businesses, buildings, offices and other major places in that area. To view more details of a particular area, the user can click of their point of interest.

The picture icons are displayed on the right side of the website which display different categories of businesses and major locations such as airports, banks, gas stations, rentals, bakeries, computer stores, grocery or supermarket, train stations, travel agencies, places of worship, playgrounds, photos, parking, universities and much more. Using this kind of application also saves the charges which otherwise would be given to travel agents to get the information about any city.

Street View maps make a great option to be used anytime and anywhere to view information of a city along with its major places especially when the user is not much aware of the city. The interactive platform uses Google Place types APIs (Application program interface) which allows the application to interact with the Google services.

Accessibility of the Google Services to the third party, the developers can integrate the pre existing functions of Google services into their app such as in street view maps which includes all the places, areas, establishments etc. recognized by Google services.

Although, the app is built on the functionality of the Google services, it also uses an advanced mechanism to view better details of the areas. Within a few weeks of its launch, Street View Maps has received positive feedback from the users with most of the users giving it five star rating.

The geographical application is developed by technology enthusiast Jason T. Shortes to give users an enhanced view of the cities across the world.

The mobile application is currently available on Google playstore Street View Maps .City on Google Play and iTunes Street View Maps .City on iTunes

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