The alcohol free liquor and non-alcoholic beer maker ArKay Beverages and its French subsidiary shall cut all ties with Halal Certification committees funding terrorist organizations, including ISIS

MELBOURNE, FL – 16 Nov, 2015 – ArKay Beverages is the world’s first company to specialize in alcohol-free liquor. Today ArKay is the worlds’ first company in this market to voluntarily drop its halal certification.

ArKay may well lose tens of millions of dollars of revenues or more by doing this.

Articles such as are clear, terrorist organizations are routinely funded in part by halal certification bodies all over the world. Moreover, many larger established companies are routinely aware of this but prefer to turn a blind eye.

ArKay Beverages will no remain passive by allowing halal certification bodies to promote or financially underwrite terrorist acts like the one that occurred in Paris on November 13, 2015 killing 129 peoples and injuring hundreds more. ArKay Beverages takes direct issue with the fact that money paid to halal certification bodies contributes to terrorism.

“It is unconceivable to keep ties with organization that are killing our kids, our friends, our family and the peoples who make the beauty of our country [France], said Arkay’s proprietor, a French national.” She maintains, “The idea behind ArKay is to build a better world; to try to reduce DUIs and obesity and combat alcoholism. It was never our plan to inadvertently fund criminal organization that murder children.”

Arkay Beverages is aware that’s is decision will doubtless have a major impact on the bottom line. The company’s owner summarized it, “with peace everybody is happy; with war everyone is suffering: this is an unacceptable situation that cannot continue.” She specifically added that ArKay has no issues with Muslim individuals or Islam itself, in fact Muslim countries comprise Arkay Beverages’ largest markets, but that Arkay Beverages refused to be a party to funding terrorist organizations by way of the ongoing monies it is required to pay to numerous halal certification bodies.

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