WTV360 Media Group Wants To Interview Your Company In Order To Maximize Your Media Exposure

WTV360 Media Group is interested in interviewing the strongest business leaders there are in the top industries today, which are called Industry Experts 2015-16.
In the modern world, there are many outlets for a business to chose from that will improve their exposure to their target market.

It can be difficult to know which outlets to utilize to guarantee the maximum benefit of exposure. WTV360 Media Group has mastered a method of marketing businesses on the Internet that is innovative and effective.

Founder Troy Sinclaire is the Executive Producer and has both media and lead generation skills. He excels in integrating web content expertise with his advanced sales and marketing training to dramatically improve his client’s entire sales quota as an end result. The WTV360 Media Group methods of marketing have been proven to increase a company’s sales anywhere from fifteen percent to four-thousand percent, simply by adjusting a company’s marketing message, targeting and conversion processes.

Clients who work with WTV360 Media Group benefit by:

  • Targeting their niche market with effective communication to generate pre-qualified business and sales opportunities. This, in turn, accelerates the most relevant sales leads.
  • Creating less risk in their marketing by dramatically increasing conversion rates and with the ability to truly measure results and focus on what marketing strategies are working now.

The company is now interested in interviewing the strongest business leaders there are in the top industries today, which are called Industry Experts 2015-16. This is an opportunity to nominate someone to get interviewed regarding your company. Once interviewed WTV360 then creates a prominent video that serves as an introduction to your company for potential customers creating 3rd party credibility.

While the project is in beta, WTV360 Media is underwriting all of the production costs and they are expanding what they have previously done earlier in the year, in order to get you on such powerful and popular publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. Your company could be featured, as many others have been, as seen on these newsfeeds.

This is a CNN style, high quality interview and they will be using a professional spokes model, a Hollywood style studio, hair, makeup, lighting, sound, a production crew, animation, graphics, and conversion scripting. They have really thought of all of the essentials to build your Internet exposure. The good news is for your part of the interview you will not have to even leave the office.

To get scheduled for an interview, click here: www.timetrade.com/book/TTVSK  

If you, or someone else in your company considers himself or herself an expert in what the company’s goals and functions are, then a brief twenty-minute interview may be appropriate. In addition, the company would like the opportunity to show you what a completed segment looks like; therefore, they have prepared videos available to review. The best way to attract attention to your company is to propel it forward with a Media Exposure Video for your business.

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