Shifts in the Recruiting Landscape: Web Portfolios are Replacing Resumes

Those candidates who wish to have an advantage over their competition should utilize a professional Web Portfolio service.
The recruiting landscape continues to shift as companies adopt new software, tools, and methods for screening candidates, and millennia’s join the workforce in increasing numbers, bringing different ideas about what jobs are supposed to be, and how to apply to them.

According to a recent Forbes article, 56 percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s online portfolio than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7 percent of job seekers have created an online portfolio.

Fifty one percent of workers who currently have a job are either actively seeking, or open to a new job. This means fully 71% of all workers in the U.S. are “on the job market” (meaning unemployed and looking, employed and looking, or employed and open). 

Fifty nine percent of recruiters, rated candidates sourced from social networks as “highest quality.” But only 21% of candidates say they found their favorite or best job through a social network. 

With all this change going on, Web Portfolios (WP) are becoming a popular part of marketing collateral that enhances a LinkedIn profile, and other social media platforms. There are a number of reasons why these are becoming more popular for executives.  First, they provide a quick “big picture” overview of capabilities, in both narrative, graph and diagram form. For example, a Marketing Executive with skills in Finance, and Engineering has a broader background which may be a better fit for the role than other candidates.   A Director of Customer Success with P&L and Operations may be a better choice than a candidate without the P&L background.   This breadth and depth of background is much more clearly shown in a Web Portfolio than in a regular resume.  Likewise, revenue growth, profitability and expenses associated with the contributions of the candidate, are clearly shown in bar charts of Web Portfolios.  Additionally, because web portfolios showcase career strengths, they make networking more effective, thus, accelerating job searches.

These days, an online presence is becoming extremely important. It is important that a candidate’s online presence matches the caliber of their achievements. This is critical to personal branding. How one is perceived online, whether it is through a Linked in Profile, or an Executive Web Portfolio, can greatly influence the path a career. A strong and reputable image will impress more potential employers and open more doors.

Employers more than ever before continue to look at “branding” as a key driver as they search for highly skilled / highly qualified talent.

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The professional branding generated by a Web Portfolio is superior to that of an old fashioned resume. Because WPs are organized to clarify the candidate’s Expertise, Proficiencies, Results, Achievements and Value they can show the impact of the candidate on corporate performance.   Beyond that, the WP develops the unique value of the candidate, clarifies the candidate’s undeniable benefit, lists performance claims, and pinpoints the problems solved.  This way, when the potential employer is ready to hire, they will remember the candidate with a portfolio first.

It can be very challenging to get noticed by potential employers with a simple resume. When a plain, basic resume does not produce satisfactory results, it is time to make some improvements. Employing a professional service to help create an executive career portfolio is an important resource. A service like this can build a virtual portfolio, which is what a growing number of executives are using.

By employing a service that specializes in WEB PORTFOLIOS, candidates can:

• Stand out from the competition
• Generate impact and buzz
• Create branding depth
• Expedite the interviewing process
• Network with C-Suites
• Land an executive level position

Those candidates who wish to have an advantage over their competition should utilize a professional Web Portfolio service. The results of doing this have the potential to match candidates with the most suitable employers, which will lead to the most valuable careers. The best way to get a resume noticed is to go above and beyond to have prominent personal branding and online presence.

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